YOUR American Dream is Magic!

What’s so magical about your American Dream? Read on to find out!


Pursuing Your American Dream Online Does Not Have to Be Boring!

Let’s face it. A lot of us take pursuing our American Dreams Online very seriously. Why? Because this is important life stuff. We need our dream to succeed. That said, we were determined to find a way to help you to pursue your American dream that was a more enjoyable process. So since in addition to being marketers we are also magicians, we decided to add into the method a…Magic Show!

A Magic Show, are You Kidding?

No. We’re 100% serious (or fun, depending on how you’re looking at it). We know a magician through the Society of American Magicians who teaches at the college level. And guess what he uses in class to get points across to students? You guessed it, magic tricks. And apparently it works like a dream because it keeps the students interested in the lectures. Inspired by this gentleman, we have embarked on our own teaching path by bringing conjuring of the mind into it!

TAKE A BREAK FROM THE ORDINARY: A Unique Way to Achieve YOUR American Dream Online in 3 Fun, Easy and Entertaining Steps

These steps include (1) Mental Magic Show, (2) Online Course and (3) Internet Guerrilla Marketing consisting of tools that go beyond social media. This is in keeping with one of’s mottos which is that “There’s no business that’s not in show business!”

Question: How can a mental magic show, an online course and custom made digital marketing tools help you achieve YOUR American Dream online and make a difference in your community?

Answer: Through the empowerment of the three branches of you can have the visibility necessary to not only get new customers, clients and fans but to make a difference in your community. Plus for those who are enacting positive change, you could even be nominated for The Awards (formerly called the Platinum PIAs since 2010)!

  1. MENTAL MAGIC SHOW: First off, it makes sense that a magician would be an expert on marketing because she/he understands the psychology of the mind and therefore could create a mental magic show that is not only entertaining but covers important promotional concepts as well. And if you don’t live in the Manhattan, NY area, when becoming a client you automatically receive a PDF eBook entitled “How to Create Your American Dream in 5 Easy Steps.” These are subsets of the 3 steps featured here. And these concepts can be applied to YOUR American Dream.
  2. ONLINE COURSE METHOD: As for the online course, believes that education is one of the most important components to achieve YOUR American Dream. Therefore before ever embarking on their marketing journey, clients such as you of get to take an online course free which normally costs over 100 dollars! Not to be confused with the eBook, this is an extremely detailed online course. We encourage our clients to take this course to ensure that when embarking on your marketing journey, you learn how to navigate!
  3. INTERNET GUERRILLA MARKETING: Plus, to actualize your vision you need the custom created digital tools themselves and the knowledge on how to use them. Put all three elements together – magic, course, tools – and you have a powerful path to the realization of YOUR American Dream!.

Now let’s explore magic, course and tools in even more detail

Mental Magic Show

Of course, unless you live in the New York City area, it’s going to be tough to see the “Manhattan Magician” (also known as the “Mentalism Magician”) live. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be impacted by the marketing concepts in his show which were designed to assist you in reaching YOUR American Dream and are specially designed for Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Artists of Any Kind (visual, performing, etc.).

Online Course Method

For those of you who become clients of, regardless of where you live in America, at no extra cost you have access to on online course entitled “The Online Course Method and Internet Guerrilla Marketing.” This is the same course that was developed by the Mentalism Magician as his final project for getting his Master’s Degree in Arts Administration at Age 57!

Internet Guerrilla Marketing

These are the same tools that the Mentalism Magician uses to build his solopreneur business. You also can create your own tools through what you learn in the eBook and course, but additionally you have the option to become a client of thereby have us custom make the tools for you! Needless to say, the latter option makes it a lot easier for you!

Benefits and Value

We hope you see the benefits and value of the three branches of USAcreate.come Method. This method includes free tickets (or transcripts) to see The Mental Magic Show, the “Online Course Method and Internet Guerrilla Marketing” (an online course that’s free to clients) and your custom created Digital Marketing Tools. We even have available monthly marketing plans of 4 different kinds to ensure that you have fresh and effective campaigns every 30 days or so! This is indeed a unique way to Achieve YOUR American Dream in 3 Fun, Easy and Entertaining Steps to get new customers, clients and fans as well as to keep the ones you already have!


In conclusion in order to embark on your 3 steps or for more information, please contact us now at and tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. Remember we specialize in working with solopreneurs, small business owners and artists of any kind. We look forward to you joining us on this fun, easy and entertaining journey to get more customers, clients and fans!