So we’ve been getting feedback that folks are confused by the Big Apple Awards post. In that post we mention that it looks like the new name for The Platinum PIAs Awards (annually since 2010) is going to be “The Big Apple Awards.” But the part that causes some people to get riled up is that recently we’ve been speaking of the new name for the PIAs as being The Awards.

Our Apologies for the Confusion

First, my apologies for not being clear about the awards show transformation. Yes, it’s true, as recent as April we believed that the new name for the Platinum PIAs was going to be “The Big Apple Awards,” but then we started to make discoveries that changed our minds about the new name. We should have done our research to start but it turns out there are at least 2 other Big Apple Awards out there. One is for city school teachers and the other has to do with marketing. So to combat the identification issue as well as for better branding, we chose to call the new event “The Awards.” It’s mission will still be to recognizes businesses that are making a difference in their communities!

Thanks for showing you care and we hope to continue the dialogue as builds a little bit every day!