“Are We Marketing to You Right Now? #7, Technically #8 of Our 10 Email Messages

Surprise, Surprise, a Cat is – that’s me – at the Helm Because My Human Couldn’t Make It

Still 2 More Days of Emails

After this you still have two more bonus pages to go. Tomorrow is the eBook sales page featuring my cat friends and directed by me. And the day after that will be a newsletter preview page. And then your 10 days of emails will be completed and you’ll start to receive the weekly newsletter of USAcreate.com that includes behind-the-scenes and Marketing Tips! More fun than catnip on steroids!

Question from a Cat: Is This Page a Form of Video Marketing?

You know how in theater and film they break the 4th wall and start talking to the audience? Well that’s kind of what’s happening here. Are we marketing to you by showing you the video we’re about to spring on you” You bet your sardines we are! But first some background before looking at the vid.

Can We Persuade You If You Are Not Already Persuaded?

Earlier in this sequence we explored the answer to the question “Why Video?” So now we thought it would be fun to try something a little bit different. We are going to, step by step, show you how we will use video in an attempt to persuade you.

Cats and Pyramids

Tomorrow’s the big day when all this comes together and and we have you read a (hopefully) amusing sales page that uses cats as its mascots. As you probably know, cats were worshiped in Ancient Egypt. So surely you can buy an eBook from us with the cat sales page tomorrow!

The Fear

Our fear is that you may not like cats, you might be more of a dog person. In which case this is the wrong approach to get you interested. What we probably should have done was not only target our primary audience but focus on a subset of that group with members who love cats!

Escaping the Din

All this hubbub is being designed to lead to you purchasing our handy dandy eBook “How to Get New Customers: The Easy 6 Step Method (with a bonus outline of the 19 step marketing strategy we use every day!).” We could of course immediately dive into the pitch, but for most people that would be moving a little too quickly. I’ve go to work my cat magic first!

Video, Video, What About the Video?

Way back in 2015 my human made a video. Despite it being a while ago we feel it is still relevant today. But before that we should clarify that you are only going to do the things mentioned earlier if you are actively looking for a solution to the problem “How to Get New Customers with Mobile Focused Marketing” If any part of that is not important to you then you likely won’t ultimately purchase the eBook.

And Now the Video

Yes the video is finally here. It’s called “Media Track” and tracks the multi-media, multi-arts and multi-entrepreneurship eclectic career path of our founder. What is our strategic reason for showing you this video? We are playing the “prestige” card. He has worked with a lot of well known people and institutions. If you were to ask our founder about it he would call using the video bragging and it is only through much pleading that we have gotten him to agree to show it.

We Need to Take Action Now!

Our founder could at any moment take the video down so we need to act quickly. We are showing you the video under some conditions by him. First, the video is on a web page that is private which means it doesn’t show up in search engines including a YouTube search.

More Details

So if you don’t have the link you won’t be able to find it. Plus, we ask that you do not share it with anyone. So if you are willing to abide by these terms we can let you view the vid. But again, we need to do this fast because with a wave of his wand our founder could make it disappear. Alright, here goes. Ready. Set. Click here now!