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This Really is Day 10

In this series it got a little bit confusing for a moment because we had as entry 1, the intro, which meant that when the course began to unfold with lesson 1, it was really day 2 of the whole process (if that makes sense). But now we really are at the point of Day 10 and if you’ve found what we’ve brought to you thus far useful, we think you’re going to like your Weekly Email Newsletter to which you are already subscribed and can unsubscribe from if at any point you’re not finding the information something you can apply to your business or career. To end this 10 Day Event, we bring you the Top 10 Reasons for Subscribing to the weekly Newsletter!

The Top 10 Reasons for Subscribing to the Newsletter

Congratulations for signing up for the “ Newsletter.” Being subscribed to the Newsletter has a lot of benefits. See if any of these resonate with you:

10. Our Education

Having degrees can often mean nothing and there are lots of examples of people who became super successful and had not ever been to college. That said, it’s good to know that your newsletter creators have degrees such as a Bachelor’s in Digital Media Entrepreneurship and a Master’s in Arts Administration.

9. Gain Knowledge

Who doesn’t want knowledge? Most people do but some find the learning process boring (even though they know they need the information to succeed). At we give you lots of knowledge in the form of easy to digest little internet bites (or bytes!)

8. Fun

We’ve been told we’re funny and sometimes for the wrong reasons. We’re not exactly sure what that means in Digital Marketing Arts terms, but we’ll take it.

7. We’re Different

There’s a lot of sameness in digital marketing and many have told us that they find what we do refreshingly different from the others. They say our big difference is our creativity with strategies. Process is important to us which is why one way that we describe the newsletter is “NYC Process with Marketing Tips” because tips often come out of the methodology we’re tweaking at the time here in the Big Apple!

6. Example of How Your Simple Style Newsletter Could Look

We believe in the “less is more” approach to things. Rather than have prospects speed through your newsletter not really reading anything, we do a basic photo on the top and the text following it. That way you get your message across effectively without giving that cluttered feeling.

5. Questions/Answers

Sometimes we do questions and answers. If a relevant question comes our way we’ll often answer it in a weekly newsletter.

4. See the latest Blogger Coalition Blog Updates

When one of our guest bloggers puts up a post, if it’s relevant we put up a link to it for viewing by you. This means you’ll often be the first to know what’s happing news-wise with the Blogger Coalition.

3. New Offers

You’ll be the first to know about special offers we have currently in regards to our Online Marketing Arts products/services. But we never outright push anything at you. Education first!

2. Behind the Scenes of

Let’s face it, we live in a reality television world on so many levels, so it makes sense that having access to the behind-the-scenes of the Club in action would be a positive benefit. We’re here in New York City with energy that is contagious so something new is always going on!

1. Marketing Tips

And the #1 reason why most of our subscribers subscribe to our newsletter is so that they can receive weekly marketing action tips that they’ll get to put to work right away to help their career or business.

What Now?

So, what now you may be asking? The next step is to start receiving the Weekly Email Newsletter. In it you’ll find behind-the-scenes of our process in Manhattan, NY developing marketing tips you can put to instant use. And remember the term “USAcreate” is an anthem for the America we want to be a part of. An America we all create. So USA don’t sit on you hands. USAcreate! See you soon!