Introducing USA Create

Welcome to the new USA Create version of the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter or you may be reading this on the new website. Some of you, especially those reading the newsletter, may be a bit startled regarding the abrupt change from “ArtisticPreneur” to “USAcreate.” Our apologies. We didn’t really know how else to do this.

A Multitude of Aspects

The new areas we will be covering moving forward include Awards Producing, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Mentalism Magic, Online Educating and Website Creating. The reason for this change is so we can serve our clients better with more options and therefore stronger marketing power. To see them in action please go to the all new

The Old Goes to the New

We bring this to your attention because this newsletter is now being sent to you from a different email address. Feel free to contact us at any time using that email address and rest assured if you’ve been communicating with us via our old email address those messages will be forwarded to the new one.

Listen to Your Thoughts

Why are we letting you in on this process? Because it is a way of encouraging you to make changes also if you feel you need to do so. Chances are you know what you are supposed to do but for whatever reason may not be doing it.

Diving In

We found that as we considered developing our new organization there were fears we faced regarding taking the plunge. Why? Because we knew that if we did undergo an organizational change there was no turning back and that challenges may ensue. Well, for better or worse, we have taken the USA Create dive and hope the water is warm.

The Bumpy Road

But back to another subject, that of you possibly undergoing a change. If you do decide to engage in your own transformation (if you need to) we encourage you to hold on to the very positive reasons you are traveling down a different route. This can sometimes make it a less bumpy ride.

Slogan for the New Newsletter

The slogan for the website and the newsletter are both up for grabs. Please let us know what you think would work. Both the site and the newsletter could have the same byline or be different. Looking forward to what you’re coming up with!

Your Marketing Tip for Today

Meanwhile your marketing tip for today is to not be afraid of changing because eventually you will have to do so anyway and better to be proactive than reactive!