How to Put Together a Festival

A festival generally speaking runs a day or more and consists of various entities, usually under a particular category or industry. For example, the fest known as Celebrity Strategy features panels and performances each day over the course of a week or so. Elements could also include music groups, movies, art work and more. One […]

Video Diary NYC

Called different names over the years, the consistent concept was that it was a video diary of a former magician who was a media maker and worked in media research, living in Hell’s Kitchen Manhattan, New York City, running a theater company and searching for a meaningful relationship. There were many twists and turns in […]

USA Create: Understanding and Empowering Your Audience

Introduction The “USA Create” ethos embodies the spirit of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial drive present in every corner of the United States. For entrepreneurs under this banner, the key to successful innovation lies in understanding your audience. This article delves into the process of audience comprehension and its importance in USA Create’s broader entrepreneurial narrative. […]

How to Go from USA Divided to USA Unified?

The phrase “USA, Create!” took the nation by storm in a way no one could have expected. It wasn’t just a slogan, it became a movement, a rallying cry for the country to tap into its unending potential and, well, create. It started with a whisper, a muffled sound in a crowded room, “USA, Create […]

USA Create Can Also Be Used as a Sales Process

In the American Dream One Gives of Themselves and Gets Too But to give is first and foremost… By presenting additional solutions that can help them achieve their own version of the American Dream, you’re appealing to their emotions and aspirations, which can be a powerful motivator for making a purchase. Think of successful American […]

You Have Permission

Innovation People ask us “What does “USA Create” mean?” I guess it is kind of like a mantra to America in which we affirm that everyone in the country can create whatever they want to create. Feeling that you can create can be a strong motivator to draw upon and potentially leads to innovation in […]