Working from Your Heart

Don’t hang your heart out to dry, listen to your heart when creating your customer experience!

Without getting more mushy than not, here is a quote from Helen Keller that can be quite relevant when it comes to running your business:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

And in a manner of speaking it is important to be working from your gut when attempting to put together your marketing materials online and off. In online marketing you need to be able to have intuitive insight into what you believe your potential customers and clients will be feeling when they read your business copy. Are you writing in a way that interests them? Are you giving them  valuable information? These are two questions we always strive to meet, but don’t always hit the nail on the head.

Hitting the Nail

If you are “building the house” of your website, you want to keep in mind who this “house” is for. Different people are going to respond to different things. For example, if you are reading this, chances are you are a part of our “demographic.” Please don’t process that this is cold hearted of us, it just means that your patch to reach us may have been something we set up in advance to reach you.

How are Your Customers Finding You?

You need to work in reverse when creating content for your website. What is your future customer going to do that will lead her or him to you? Will they find you through a web search? If yes, then you might want to focus on keyword research. Will they find you through a search engine ad? If yes, it’s a good idea to double check your ad copy, making certain it will resonate with them. Will it be through a link from another website? This means thinking of the words in the link leading to your site. And so on. If you are truly going to be coming from the heart, you need to be experiencing this when you create your (USA Create) customer experience!

USA Create Means USA Create


USA Create  means USA create. It is a proclamation to Americans to be creative. That is because creativity is at the core of any new ideas or strategy. Do you have a business? Are you frustrated with your marketing results? Many are and it is a problem with a solution. Company’s like offer methods of acquiring more customers. In a recent post they talk about influencers and whether they can help you or not?

The Emergence of Digital

There are a lot of digital solutions that in many cases have more impact than if marketing was analog again. Analog meaning not digital. Digital didn’t appear as a marketing tool until the ’90’s and wasn’t fully on the road until the 2010’s. So it really has not been around that long!

Making Your Brand Visible

But regardless if you are promoting yourself analog or digital, the most important thing is that you “create.” You create for yourself a way of advertising yourself that increases you or your business or both visible as a brand.

Getting Over Feeling Sad

The Desire to Accomplish a Goal

Unless you’re suffering from depression or related, sometimes you’re going to get sad. In many cases the sadness has to do with something that you desire to achieve but have been unable to do so. Therefore it is a good idea to start working toward something by changing the strategy you have been using to accomplish your goal.

Take Your Pursuit to the Next Level

One way to get what you want is through putting together a website that is dedicated to making what you want, happen. Why ins some cases is this a good idea? It is because is a method of crystalizing what feel you need and how to take the pursuit to the next level.

The Power of Action

Through all of this you may feel your sadness dissipate. This is because we tend to have a more positive outlook when we are engaged in doing something.

Drawing Your Future During the Coronavirus

Drawing a Picture of My Future

Okay. Let’s face it. It’s a bit weird, but because of the Coronavirus, for the last two month we have stayed in our apartment and not gone outside. This has certainly caused me to rethink my work plans for the future. Thankfully, being someone who is in the web arts means that my livelihood has not been destroyed and in fact is even thriving. So for me drawing a picture of my future is easier technically than for a lot of folks. I am very grateful for this.

Giving Back

I am determined to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost so much during these uncertain times. The way I think I can help is in working with businesses who have been hit by COVID-19  in a negative way and help them design digital alternatives to some of the steps they take to run their business and make a profit.

Making the Best Use as Possible of Time

Time is one thing we have more of which allows for thinking through and implementing new plans. USA is creating but not in the way this website “USA Create” was formed to be for. We all need to come together in this challenging period and use what we uniquely can create to help others.

American Creativity Continues

Keep Moving

Even these days of being stuck inside, American creativity continues. You can’t shut down the fertile imagination of many, just because there is a deadly virus that is flaunting itself. Those from the United States are a powerful bunch. They keep moving forward inside despite what is happening outside.

Chugging Mind

This is a credo that I live by: continue to create. Even when not with computer, my mind is going. Yes, there are pangs of unease due to being in forced lock-down, but for the most part I have a 24/7 chugging mind.

It Continues

For some, this is a time of being their most productive ever.  They have never had this much time before to get really imaginative. American creativity continues.

Start Your Own Video Film Web Production Company

Solve a Problem

Thinking of starting your own video, film and web production company? It’s easier than you may think and can be quite profitable too. The tricky part is getting customers, but USAcreate can help you with that. Also, you need to be sure that you are filling a NEED and are SOLVING A PROBLEM. For example, our awards show the Platinum PIAs solved the problem of recognizing those who are making a difference in their community. This also helped in building community which can stem from being appreciated.

Online or Offline?

When doing your business you’ll need to know how to attract customers on the web. There are many ways of doing this and it depends on whether you are working in a brick and mortar studio or if you are online only. When making our movie which is a kind of business, we worked both offline (filming movie) and online (promotions).

Your Customer’s Path

With a studio you need to attract LOCAL customers because they will come to the location to work with you. Whereas if you are online-only you need to design a path that your customer will follow through on ending with them patronizing your business.

Will You be the Face of Your Business?

Another thing to think about is whether or not you will have visibility within the company. In other words will you be a kind of spokesperson? For example, our founder hosted the first PIAs back in 2010.

Blinders on: Start NOW

If you choose the spokesperson approach then before even starting your company start to promote yourself using free resources such as YouTube. As of this writing if you upload a new YouTube video every day, you will build viewership and will learn the ropes. But don’t wait until you have it “all figured out” to start your YouTube channel. Just start NOW.

Form Alliances

Since you are solving a problem and are filling a need of real people, these are the folks that you want to reach. They will be your future customers. And don’t forget to do partnerships with other businesses and individuals who will help you, as you will help them.

The Cross Pollination of Being a YouTuber

A good example of this is when YouTubers appear on other YouTubers’ channels. You go on their channel and they go on yours. Don’t forget that you don’t have to be in the same room to do this and can achieve it through video connectivity. Such as when you are making a film, you also can film actors who are not even in the same state.

Breaking it Down into Bite Sized Pieces

“Okay but what about running the business itself, how do I do that?” My friend that is what you have to figure out and you only. If possible you should not only fill an important need but to have passion about what you’re selling. This will motivate you to pursue all aspects of your business. Plus be sure to break down your product creation process into little chunks that you can delegate to others.

Empowering Yourself with Marketing

Say “Yes” to Marketing Empowerment!

Personal Phones Can Be Big Traffic Generators

We describe our aim in terms of helping you with promotions as “Marketing Empowerment Through Entertainment with a Mobile Phone Focus.” Optimizing for mobile phones has never been more important since studies point toward the fact that 80% internet traffic is by people using their personal phones! New organizations like DIYdigi are jumping on the wireless band wagon because it’s not just the future it’s NOW!

Become You Own Marketer

So let’s say you want to “Become Famous Online,” this means that today more than ever you need to become a marketer yourself who markets you! Empowerment in marketing through entertainment is how “How to Get New Customers” can help you.  They are great when it comes to mobile promotions.

Consider Starting a Blog

Thanks to blogging, social media and DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital) tools you now have an open pathway to getting the fame you need. We say fame you need is because there is a practical aspect to achieving this.

Becoming a Search Engine Pull Down is Your First Step

One you’re name or company is on a search engine pull down then you are ready to take the next steps. In this article we’re going to be focusing on what you need to do to get to the pull down point in your career or business.

Beyond Social Media

Social media isn’t going to get you there. It can help, and certainly its ability to allow you to engage with your audience is wonderful. In many ways the benefit of search engines is that you can organically grow your online presence with diverse media sources. In other words, search engines tend to like a lot of different manifestations of you including social media, search engine searches, newsletters and your website, etc.

How’s Your Website Doing for You?

This means not just social media but doing guest appearances on other folks’ blogs. This is done with all roads leading to your website. How is your website working out for you by the way? And do you even have a website? If not, or if you need a do-over, How to Get New Customers can help.

Create a Diverse Media Mix Online

Although having a website is a good first move, just having one doesn’t mean you are actively pursuing the journey to “Become Famous Online.” To achieve phase one of this, which is to be on search engine pull downs, you will need to create a diverse media mix about yourself. DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital) can help you with this.

The Social Media Pathway

Social media is probably the easiest way to become famous online, but remember, all it achieves for you is to engage others and help fill out your search engine result pages. Blogs are another matter. The best way to get covered by other people’s blogs is to have a blog yourself so you can be on their blog and possibly they can be on yours.

The Frustration of Approaching Other Blogs

Co-promotions can become frustrating. Because the more famous a blog you seek is, generally the harder it is to achieve a cross promotion. This is one of the reasons we helped form the Blogger Coalition, which consists of over 35 blogs, some of which are for clients and the others for in house projects.

Setting Up a Newsletter

Do you have an email newsletter? Properly setting this up can be a bit of a challenge even for those well versed in marketing. The reason is that you need to provide an incentive to someone to sign up for your newsletter in the form of a PDF eBook that is on a topic that people want.

Engaging Your Audience

It can’t be all about you (or sometimes it can) but is more likely to succeed if somehow this eBook was a solution to a problem in the industry for which you desire to become famous online.

Which Art Form or Business Type are You?

At USA Create we primarily focus on businesses of all kinds and those who are involved with art forms including being a musician, magician, actor, fine arts creator, dancer and filmmaker. We serve these art form titles as well as all jobs related to these art forms.

The “Arts” in Online Marketing Arts

This is one of the reasons why we refer to the marketing process as being “Online Marketing Arts.” Another reason is that we consider ourselves as artists doing the art form of marketing. Why? Because marketing to us is not just a science but is also an art form due to its components of creativity and psychology.

Getting Over the Hurdles

So what do we hope you will get out of this? If you want to achieve the goal to “Become Famous Online” the first hurdles you need to jump over are social media, blogs, newsletters and more. If you customize these you too can become a search engine pull down!

A Super Duper Collaboration

Educational Collaboration

Hi all. We have some super great news. We are going to be working with prestigious websites Thrillumentary and USA eLearning. It is going to be a marketing/promotions educational collaboration. And remember, if you want to get news about this and other stories, each with a marketing tip, be sure to subscribe to the Newsletter.

How to Get New Customers

The thing that all three of us have in common is the belief that education is very important in order to have good results. That’s especially important to us because we follow the DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital) approach because once we create the website and tools for our clients, through videos we help them learn how to wield them to get new customers.

Savings and Convenience

A perfect example of this is a recent site and set of tools we made for a client. This client was taught and learned how to do his blog posts himself, saving him money as well as gaining the freedom to update his entries whenever he felt like it. In other words savings and convenience can be yours if you get on board with the DIY Digi approach.

Education Can Take Many Forms

The exciting thing about working with Thrillumentary and USA eLearning is that we are going to ultimately create our very own eBooks, quizzes and eCourses. This will be very helpful for us to be able to serve our clients better.

Self Serve or Full Service?

How does this impact YOU? It means when you work with our organization you’ll have more options. Of course you are always welcome to use one of our monthly update programs for you website and digital tools, but you also can select to do the maintenance yourself.

Two Minds Better than One

When we do full service monthly updates for you, you get the power of two minds rather than one. I work in conjunction with my brother who is a web expert like I am, plus bring in freelance team members as needed.

What Do You Want to Learn?

What are your goals? What have you been achieving thus far and what would you like to accomplish. Do you want to learn “How to Get New Customers” or are you more interested in learning about how to retain your current ones? Maybe you even want to learn both!

Marketing Tips Based on Real Experience

We would recommend that your first step be subscribing to the Newsletter. This newsletter means that each week you will learn a new marketing tip that is the outgrowth of actual behind the scenes of our client and in house projects.

Contact Us by Joining Our Newsletter

If you have any questions feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

Promoting the Stamas Bros

What Will YOUR Answer Be?

If you like wacky, offbeat, esoteric humor (and/or desperate attempts at being funny), you’re going to luv the bros!

They’ve Got Monikers from Ancient Greece

Who are the Stamas Bros? The best way to describe them is that they are the two brothers who have the website. Beyond that it’s really hard to say. They do have names though, which are Stamas Bro Homer and Stamas Bro Aristotle.

Gosh Darn those Bros

We’d love to be able to say that they’re peppy and fun and find themselves getting into amusing and engrossing misadventures. We’d love to be able to say that. We really would.

How do You Launch Them?

So how in the heck can you promote two dudes like this, especially since was designed as a site that was not to be publicized in any manner whatsoever. Not even by carrier pigeons with fliers.

¿Qué haces con dos Stamas Bros?

The only answer that makes any sense at all is that since they are un-icons they should be marketed using un-marketing. Maybe something like what Thrillumentary did. Or even as what USA eLearning is starting to do.

The Best Laid Plans…

But what is un-marketing, really? It’s when you pretend you’re not interested in being interviewed for a blog, but are secretly thrilled at being asked, even though you do your very best to look stoic and uninterested.

Excitement Can Backfire

You’ve got a plan to show up fashionably late to your session with the blogger. But it turns out that you are privately so enthusiastic about being featured in a blog, you accidentally arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment.

Playing the Ageism Card

No but seriously, what do you do with these two formerly young men? Maybe you get them to be very loud community activists who get attention by screaming out that society is ageist?

The Goal is to Get into the Blogger Coalition Network

The problem is that ageism IS prevalent in the modern world, and at the moment it isn’t a popular subject. So you can forget about doing a publicity stunt consisting of a loud tirade about aging in front of members of the Blogger Coalition.

Do Blogs Get Enough Respect?

Wait a minute. The bros have resources. They know bloggers and in fact Stamas Bro Homer is actually the founder of the Blogger Coalition consisting of over 35 blogs both for clients and in house projects. Plus, both Bros, from different ends of the country, make their living doing websites and marketing.

YOU are a Part of it!

So there’s no need to use tactics to get known. The Stamas Bros can just call in favors for such things as being mentioned in the newsletter/blog you are currently reading! Even the think tank behind Thrillumentary opens up many possibilities. So does USA eLearning for that matter.

It’s Time for the Tip

What is the marketing tip here? Is it to scan your existing pool of influencers before going in search of outside means? Possibly. But one thing’s for certain. Enlist the help of those carrier pigeons!

How to Market a Magician (with Help from HP)

NOTE: the following is a marketing method used to promote a conjurer, but the basic structure of this approach could be used by someone of any profession by converting the components into ones from your Industry!

Manhattan Magician of is perhaps best known for his performances along with the Magic Neighbors Theater Troupe that tours various branches of the New York Public Library.

A Fun Way to Promote

Since Manhattan Magician might as well be my alter ego or imaginary brother, I wanted a fun way to promote him, possibly tied into the library and books.

A Force of Nature

One strategy is to align yourself with someone who is more famous than you are. Who then is the most famous magician of book-dom? I bet you didn’t even blink before you thought: Harry Potter. And you’d be right. Harry Potter is a force of nature. My 10 year old daughter (who is in the library magic act) recently put herself on the list at the library for one of the books, the one that has the Goblet in it.

Library Waiting List

At the time of requesting the book she was told that she is number 7 in a waiting list of 7. My daughter instantly did the calculations and surmised that it would take her more than 3 months before she would get the book. So she and my wife purchased the book instead.

Off the Shelves Quickly

Another library and Harry Potter story is the time my daughter rather magically discovered exactly the Harry Potter DVD she wanted to watch because she had just read the book and likes to see the Potter movies after taking in the book. The librarian at checkout commented that it was miraculous she got this DVD because practically the second it is on the shelves, it gets taken out again.

Two Magicians, Two Very Different Worlds

Okay, so we’ve established Harry Potter is well known. How then does a practitioner of prestidigitation align herself/himself with likes of Potter? The answer for us was in the fact that both Harry Potter and the Manhattan Magician were magicians, so the joining of the two would have to have something to do with magic tricks.

Fictional Spells into Real Tricks?

We had heard that apparently, Bloomsbury Children’s Books did a world-wide survey of the favorite Harry Potter spells. This generated an idea. What about if Harry Potter’s 10 top spells could be made into magic tricks!?

Inventing Magic Tricks

Since Manhattan Magician was writing a book about how to invent magic tricks, this seemed like a perfect tie-in. So now all that had to be done was to figure out an online publication that could feature the story.

Over 35 Websites

As most of you know I manage over 30 websites, some of which are for clients and the others are for in house projects. One of these sites is, yes you guessed it, which is run by a guy named Spaceman. The connection between a “Spaceman” and “Harry Potter” has never quite been clear to me, but it didn’t matter. It was time to contact the man from the galaxy.

An Ambitious Experiment

Spaceman loved the idea of Manhattan Magician coming up with magic tricks based on the top 10 spells. We decided that Manhattan Magician would look at the list of the 10 and then would come up with ideas on the spot. But we had one hitch to the deal. Magicians are not supposed to reveal the secrets of how they perform magic, especially magicians who are members of the Society of American Magicians. You see, Manhattan Magician had taken a binding oath of not revealing secrets.

A Solution is Found

I came up with a solution. What about if Manhattan Magician did a “Magic Talk” referring to tricks and principles that only magicians could understand? That way no secrets would be revealed to the general public. The Manhattan Magician loved the idea and so did Spaceman, so all that had to happen now was to get Spaceman and Manhattan Magician in the same room.

A Lesson in How to Market a Magician

What can we learn about marketing here? For one thing it helps to be manager of the blog/website that the interview is for. Also, thinking outside of the box (or the top hat) is good. Another thing is communication between all parties involved. And speaking of parties, if you want to check out the plan in action, take a look here at the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC website post. Or if you prefer to go directly, the URL is