Mentalism Magician’s Mental Magic Show

Do you suffer from being magician intolerant? If so we just may have the cure for you. It’s consists of the act of scrolling down to the very bottom of this page repeating 10 times as quickly as you can the phrase “Mentalism Magician’s Mental Magic Show.”

Look at the spiral if you dare!

Don't look at the spiral if you dare!

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Direct from New York City comes a new kind of Mysterious Event called MENTAL Magic Show with mind control, uh (cough, cough), we mean promotional materials viewable at! It features a performer named Mentalism Magician who claims he has no real telepathic powers and is doing what he does for entertainment purposes only, er, entertainment used in the general sense of the word! But you decide for yourself (not if it’s entertainment but rather if he has mental powers) as you watch his performance either live or online that includes experiments in ESP, Telepathy, Precognition, Mind Reading, Hypnosis, Teleportation, Psychic Readings, Levitation, Astral Projection, X-Ray Vision and trying to locate his Chapstick. M.M. even bought three lip balms recently but still has a hard time finding one that hasn’t run out! Meanwhile, by day Mentalism Magician works as a website creator and internet marketer for and by night some fans believe he travels to the 4th dimension and enjoys Klondike Bars. Again, you decide. We prefer Dove Bars ourselves. At any rate, before you go to a live show featuring Mentalism Magician or look at what’s on his website at, we have an important question: “Do you know where your BRAIN is?!” This is critical because we don’t want you to lose your…MIND!