Get Free Blog Publicity

Free Blog Publicity

Get free blog publicity whether you’re a client of ours with a mission or you’re a business or person who has a compelling story to tell of making a difference in your community,

So you want free publicity? Did you know that clients qualify for free publicity?!

That’s right, clients can get coverage in up to 3 blogs of the over 36 publications we manage in the Blogger Coalition family. Some of these blogs were created for clients while others are for in house projects such as giving you free publicity! To get started, subscribe here and then email us back when you receive your first newsletter.

What We’re Looking For

What we are seeking from you dear clients (including business owners, creative people and educators) are those of you who have stories to tell of how your business or career made a difference in your community.

Community Service Qualifiers

We also offer free publicity on a case by case basis to non-clients who have a compelling tale of community service.

For Those Making a Difference

Appearing in a Blogger Coalition publication qualifies you to be nominated for a Platinum PIAs Award. P.I.A. stands for the term “Public Internet Artist,” with the word artist encompassing any creative person including entrepreneurs. The PIAs, since 2010, have been recognizing and celebrating those businesses, creatives and educators who are making a difference in their communities. Annually since 2010 The PIAs have been both an internet experience and live event at locations such as DCTV Community Media Center and Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Screening Room.

Our Sponsors

The Platinum PIAs are sponsored in part by the Awards and the Big Apple Awards. Additional sponsors from past PIAs have included State University of New York, Empire State College as well as other educational entities.

Get Started

So to get started please subscribe to your free Newsletter here and when you receive your first newsletter email us back at the newsletter’s email address letting us know about worthy stories you have come across for possible PIAs nominations and free publicity!

Reminder of Free Stuff

And remember, when you subscribe to the free Newsletter you also get a free 10 day email course on marketing yourself or business, as well as automatically receive the instantly downloadable PDF free eBook Check list to make sure your current promotion plan is on the right track.

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