Although New York City can be loud and bustling, it attracts introvert artists.


You. Yes you, the artist introvert living in Manhattan, NY or anywhere in the USA for that matter. Have you ever found yourself faced with the need to promote something but were not quite sure of the best possible approach? What do you do? First, let’s look at what is going to be most challenging. The big one is cold calling. This is an introvert’s nightmare. You the introvert can find it difficult to converse with extroverts let alone being faced with having to talk to total strangers on the phone who are likely to hang up on you. Sure, it’s going to be easier if it’s a “warm list,” but it is still a stress inducing undertaking for many artist introverts.

What About Some of the Other Types of Marketing?

What about passing out business cards as an artistic introvert? Or having to draw in prospects to a trade show booth? Yikes! Even social media, which is easier for most introverts than face to face solicitation, is not comfortable for many “Quiet Ones.”

What is an Introvert Marketing Secret?

Okay, so how do you as an artist introvert go about marketing yourself or your business or organization? The big solution, as many introverts have discovered, is email. You see, Introverts, in group discussions like to think something through before they speak. But then if the subject changes, they often don’t know where to find an opening.

How is Email Marketing Different?

Email marketing is not like trying to talk during a group meeting. There are two facets to it. One is having a subscription form on your website where others can subscribe and another big one is email “cold calling.” Before the introverts reading this right now pull themselves back into the shadows, let us describe why email is good by using a personal success story by an actual introvert.

Introvert Story

First off, according to testing he is an EXTREME introvert yet has convinced celebrities to be interviewed by him and has had many business triumphs. All of this thanks to email. Email gives you a chance to think something through before you actually make your move. And because you can think something through you can magnify your chances for a positive outcome. For example, we at are faced with creating campaigns as well as getting more prospects. Email Marketing, combined with other promotional tools, makes this easier.

Steps for an Introvert Artist to Take

Think through who you are going to reach out to. Put yourself into their shoes. Are they going to want to receive an email from you? What must you be offering that you need to get into the first sentence to keep them reading? Even more important is what do you put in the email subject line? Take a look at the demographic you are approaching and come up with a subject line that solves a big problem for them. This is not always easy but you are an introvert who is going to take longer to write your email anyway so make good use of that time for coming up with a compelling subject line.

Times the are a Changing

In terms of gathering prospect data, we should also mention that these days it is harder to find websites that use email, so there’s a good chance you may be faced with contact forms. But if you are using your preparation time wisely, you have created an attractive message that you can paste into your prospect’s contact form. If they ask for a physical address, consider getting a P.O. box unless you have an office you work out of and can have clients meet with you there.

Finding Prospects

And finally, how do find these “email/contact form” prospects in the first place? Of course it is best to get referrals but extreme introverts often feel awkward doing that. What you do is use your trusty search engine. For example if you are looking for a specific kind of prospect, come up with the best possible word or words that describes your prospect. Next put this word into Google along with the word “contact.”

But Does This Work?

All of the tips we’ve give are tested and proven to work for introverts. But, it’s also a numbers game. Additionally, you must remember certain things. For example do not spam. And when you send your email be sure to give them a way to opt out. We are not saying those are the only two things you need to do, because we are not lawyers and to do this right you really need to get the help of an attorney to check it all out. So go ahead and contact her or him, using of course…Email!