USA Create says that it is time to Unite America with Communication Tools

USA Create is taking seriously the bringing together of the USA by inviting other USA blogs into the cause. In this instance the cause is unification and not being so divided into “us and them.” A good way to start to do this, if you have not already, is to watch the two competing channels with each “side” complaining about the other. Literally. Chanel One says yada yada yada of what it wrong with Channel Two. And the content of programing for Channel Two is, you guessed it: yada yada yada of what is wrong with Channel One.

Consumed by Fascination

First off, the bad news is that both Channels are in the business of spreading negativity. But the worst thing of all is that it is working for them?! Yes. It is the old car crash analogy where you become consumed by a fascination about what is a bad thing, likely something that is hitting family and friends hard.

A Healthier Outlook

So, what is the solution? The solution is that each and all of us look outward and inward, seeking out a way that we can make a difference in a positive way. The goal would be to create your own personal and unique solution to the problem of the separation of a nation. It does not have to be a big thing. It can be a very little thing. But taking even teensy tiny steps, collectively can make massive change to a healthier outlook on things. Or even just thinking about the problem can lead to taking action every once in a while. Helping another person can help you. It’s all good.

Which of 3?

Earlier mentioned was that that other USA blogs are joining the revolution. These include USA Go Digital and USA Online Business. When we all jump in, we can become the three musketeers or the three stooges or both! Both of course because we want to help getting communication going better.

The 3 USAs

So USA Create, USA Go Digital and USA Online Business have united to get better communication tools for each “side” to talk to each other or at least communicate via tools like online marketing.

Less Cost if it Was Possible Could Add More Time to Do Good Deeds?

Online Marketing and Digital Marketing (the parent of the two) are being mobilized by “The Three USAs. The three sites are focus on solving one problem at a time, or possibly a single problem all of the time. These blogs reveal in posts the idea that it is possible to do Digital Marketing without the big price tag and instead at low or no cost.

Problem to Solution

If someone was going to write an eBook about the topic it might look something like this “How to Use Digital Marketing Alternatives Resulting for Low or No Cost in the USA!” So clearly, the key to unlock this door it to do digital marketing alternatives that are priced as inexpensive or even free. How is this PROBLEM turned into a SOLUTION?