Your Action Plan

Create Your Action Plan

Planning for Action

Your action plan is your most important document to create for your solopreneur venture, small business, or artistic career of any kind (including visual, performing etc.).

Reinvent Yourself

As an entrepreneur over the years, due to technological changes, I’ve had to reinvent my businesses several times. Elements like technology can impact your plan in a positive or negative way. And you always need to be one step ahead by being able to either totally redo your blueprint or at least modify it to get you better results.

Shorter is Better

A profitable strategic marketing and action plan is what we work on with our clients. It doesn’t have to be extensive or long winded, in fact shorter is usually better. At least it has been for me and my entrepreneurial undertakings. I believe you should be able to write your entire business plan on one side of a napkin.

What is the Key to Your Business?

Have you created a strategic action plan and marketing list? If yes, congratulations! You are one step ahead of much of your competition. If “no” then you might consider jumping on it now. Think of the steps you do to get clients or bookings or whatever you have to achieve that is the lifeblood of your career or business. I know this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised the difference a brief outline can have to continually remind you of where your focus needs to be.

Getting Inspired

Therefore, our marketing tip for today is to create your action steps and marketing plan for yourself right now. Don’t put it off so that you can “wait for inspiration.” You’ll often find that the inspiration you seek is generated when you have the initiative to do something you need to do.