Step #5 Seven Things Your Website Should Do For You

What Has it Done for You Lately?

Do you have a website? Even if you do have one, is it doing what it’s supposed to do which is bring you business as a small business owner or an artist of any kind? If you’re actually getting work from it, good for you, and you may not need to read this section. But even if you’re site is bringing you jobs, there may be something in the back of your head that is saying “It could be better, so feel free to proceed.

The Bare Minimum Checklist

Coming up are a few things your website should be doing for you. If these basic goals are not being met in your case, we recommend you contact your friendly representative to find out what USA can do for you. Some items a website should do are (1) Inspire You to Action, (2) Give People the Information They’re Looking For, (3) Your Website Should Fulfill Your Target Demographic, (4) Make Sure Your Website is “Responsive” and Will Show Up Well on All Devices, (5) Update Often, (6) Get Their Email Address and (7) Be Clear on Your C.T.A..

1.Inspire You to Action

A lot of people think that if you put up a website they will come. Sure, you might get a little bit of traffic from Google and other search engines but the truth is unless you specifically do something about it, your site will just continue to just exist and not be working at its full potential. That’s why we created the Packages and Programs, so that you can have the tools to proactively enhance your site to work for you.

2. Give People the Information They’re Looking For

People need to easily find the information they are looking for. If you are not making it easy for them such as through simple to use navigation, you may be losing customers to other competitors. It is suggested that you make certain all the knowledge your site surfer is looking for be within just a few clicks.

3. Your Website Should Fulfill Your Target Demographic

As we’ve discussed in other areas, it is critical that you know who your main audience is. Having this insight means being able to develop web content that is spot on for your demographic. Before creating your website or prior to doing a “do over,” you need to make certain that your site content will resonate with the kinds of folks you want to draw to it.

4. Make Sure Your Website is “Responsive” and Will Show Up Well on All Devices

This is a no-brainer but there still are people out there who have old style html websites that do not show up well on all devices especially mobile phones. If your site is not “responsive” this is your wake up call. Not being responsive means you are losing customers. Fix it today with USA (hey, that rhymes). The beauty of redoing your website responsively, is that this process only has to be done once and then your website will look great on all devices!

5. Update Often

You need to continually be updating the content on your site. A great way to do this is to have a blog that you update AT LEAST monthly but PREFERABLY weekly. This then gives your audience a reason to revisit your site often. A way you can bring attention to changes in your site, is to email your demographic. Also, if you are constantly adding new material to your website it is good for S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization). Be sure to bring attention to the benefits of the products/services that you offer.

6. Get Their Email

You need to have a way to bring your latest website news to your prospect. Email is a terrific way to do this. Generally considered more effective than social media by many experts, having the email of your audience member means you can get in touch with her or him on a regular basis. You can do this not only to draw attention to what you’re doing but also to provide low key promotions.

7. Be Clear on Your C.T.A.

C.T.A. stands for “Call to Action” and that is something you always want to be clear on. What do you want your future customer to do? Contact you? Sign up for your newsletter? A good structure for using a C.T.A. is to first provide benefits of a certain thing and then give a C.T.A. so your future customer can then act on the offer.

In Closing Regarding Your Website

These 7 objectives for your site are very important to make sure you are doing. A website should be more than just a location on the internet with your information but should consciously be a tool that you use to realize results.