Step #4 Video is a Sales Magnet

Why Video?

Video is a powerful medium. You can “show” with video rather than just describe. Making videos has never been easier, there are free video tools all across the web. Just be sure to have up to date security software because some sites are not as they appear. That said there are a lot of powerful editing solutions. And of course actually filming has never been easier because of the introduction of video recording on phones, the quality of which is usually pretty good.

What is the Purpose of Your Video?

The important thing when creating a video for marketing use is to be clear on the purpose of the video. What are you trying to achieve with this particular piece? How do you want your audience to respond? Have you created a script for your video that will achieve your intentions? Is the video optimized to affect those in your target demographic? These are all important questions to answer before scripting and certainly before filming, your video work.

What is a C.T.A?

A conventional and effective use of video is the documentary and promo style of having narration with images that support or even add something new to what is being said. Again, be clear on the purpose of your video so you can introduce a C.T.A. (Call To Action) that will be for your viewer to do something such as subscribe to your newsletter. The best way to get the viewer to do what you want is to ask! And if you’ve done a good job describing in the video the benefits the viewer will receive, she or he is going to be more likely to respond to your C.T.A.

Build Your Brand

Video is a great way to build on your brand. It has become a very important part of your branding arsenal. You can more easily than ever get your message across vividly.

Sequential Videos

Creating several videos in a row can be the centerpiece for a marketing strategy. In fact, you can build an entire campaign around video.

Build Trust

Video is also a great credibility maker to build trust with your prospect. You can show, rather than tell, your prospect why it is a good idea to…fill in the blank.

Live Video

And of course you can even do live video, either streamed on your website or via speaking with a future customer.

Same Content Approach

Don’t forget that marketing videos follow very similar guidelines that other marketing content does. You want to be sure to elaborate on a problem and then within the video introduce a solution which is your product and service.

Process Can Be Simplified

And making videos does not have to be difficult. You can create a video using a series of images with a voice over.

Video Goal

The idea is that you want to use video to first attract your visitors and then to convert them. You want to convince them that your products and services are the best solution to their problem and that they should take action to get your solution.

Video Sequence

Sometimes it is a good idea to break down into steps the sequence or funnel of what your prospect will go through to finally purchase your product and service. You may find that in a single video you can not completely move your future customer to actually buying your product or service straight off. You might want to get her or him through the video to take the first step which could be to sign up for your newsletter followed up by emailing them a sequence of videos and/or lessons, so that they can learn more about what you offer. The delivery timespan could be one video a day for seven days like a video class. Email marketing software can help you set this up.

Autopilot Videos

Automation is very possible when it comes to email, and as we’ve discussed in other lessons there is a lot of software available for being able to create a sequence of emails that runs on autopilot.

Getting Them to Buy

Your use of video can be for every step of your presentation.For example, you could start out with a video that illustrates your solution and asks for the viewer to sign up for your newsletter. This can then be followed by a series of videos, all of which have an educational component but are also bringing your future customer closer and closer to actually buying. By the end of your sequence you may have convinced the customer to buy so be sure to make it easy for her or him to take action on.

Video is on the Rise

The numbers are incredible for the continued increase of video viewership. More and more people are wanting to be able to see videos to give them insight into solutions to their problems.

Can You Make a Video Go Viral?

Many of you have probably heard the term “viral video.” This is a video which has a large audience due to it being shared with others. It is very difficult to develop a viral video because often times it is not exactly clear why a video becomes so popular. If there was a science to making viral videos everyone would be creating them. But who knows, you might be the next viral video creator!

Back to the Purpose

Meanwhile concentrate on the purpose of your video or videos and be honest with yourself about whether the goals are being met. Is it intriguing content that is convincing for the viewer? Is your CTA clear? And so on.

The Power of Stories

It is also important to be conscious of the power that your personal story has. People respond to the stories of others more so than just giving out a list of benefits. Folks love stories which is why movies, theater and books are popular. So don’t underestimate the impact that your story can have in relation to your products and services. Maybe you share the same problem that your future customers have and therefore can show how you found a solution and now want to help others.

Share Your Struggles

Focus on the origins of your brand. Share your struggles. Share your successes. Give the viewers a window into you or your key brand ambassador.

The First 10 Seconds

Also, remember that a large percentage of video viewers will stop watching your video just seconds into it if the content is not interesting to them. That’s why the first 30 seconds or for that matter even 10 seconds matter so much. You must immediately come across with what you offer and how it can help your viewer.

Get Their Attention Early On

One way to catch your viewer’s attention is by immediately asking them questions about their problem and then promising them a solution. If the problem is severe enough and if they can relate to it, they will keep watching to get details on the solution.

Tickle Their Funny Bone

Try to use a little bit of humor in your video if you can. There’s no reason to be boring. Also, comedic banter can keep your viewer watching. Remember, when you make a marketing video you are not only solving a problem but you are ENTERTAINING your prospect.

Don’t Not Take a Look

It’s a good idea to be aware of what your competitors are doing with video, but don’t replicate it. Go your own direction. Go beyond their videos by using problem solving and humor.

Never Stop Learning

And remember that video can educate. Many people are primarily visual learners and if you use narration and can also show the “proof” of your solution, you viewers will be more likely to watch your video.

The Importance of “Social Proof”

Additionally, don’t forget about “social proof.” This consists of people, such as prior customers, who are happy with the results gotten from your solution and want to share it with others on video. If you can get customers and clients to go on camera and talk you up, it is a great way of winning over your audience.

Don’t Delay

So now you’re armed with many of the aspects necessary to have a successful video. So go out and make it!