Step #1 Newsletters and Why You Need One

To Make Customers More Likely to Buy from You

First and foremost having a newsletter means that your prospective customers hear about you more often and therefore are more likely to buy from you.

Provide Value

It is very important to provide value. You can’t continually be asking them to purchase your products/services, you must also be delivering to them education about how to sell their own products services.

Try to Minimize Unsubscribes

How do you know you’re providing value? One way of knowing that you are providing value is by your prospect not unsubscribing from you. When someone unsubscribes from you it likely means that you did not have enough useful information for that person.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Turn unsubscribes into lessons. Lessons into how not to write a newsletter. Infer what it was that they wanted to hear and learn about.

Get Help if You Need It

Put better more useful information into your next newsletter. Sometimes it helps to get insight into what you did wrong and how you can improve it from companies like that can help you write your newsletters as a part of monthly campaigns.

The Engine of Your Campaign

A monthly campaign has at its very center, your newsletter. Your newsletter is the engine of your campaign, which is why it is so important to get it right.

Breaking Through the Static

Let’s face it, your future customers are busy people. They need useful information and they need it now so they can make their business operate at a higher level and get more results.

Stay in their Thoughts

Customers don’t think about your brand often unless you hit them between the eyes with something so compelling to them that they must have it. In order to do this you need to put yourself into the mind of your prospects. What do they want most and how are they going to get it?

Become Their Source

You want to be the source of education for your prospects because then they will learn to lean on you for information provided by YOUR products and services.


The statistics are staggering. Last year almost 50% of email subscribers made at least one purchase based on that email. This should be incentive to you to get writing either on your own or with help.

Set Up Your System

In order to be able to send newsletters and have an automated methodology like we do you need to be using email marketing apps that can help you deliver those emails to those future customers. There are many emarketing solutions out there but you need the ones that do automated emails because it is important to set up that system so you can set it and forget it…Well, not entirely forget it, but you get the point. Your system can be selling your prospects so you don’t have to, literally in your sleep.

Build Trust

People want to buy from companies they trust and one way to build that trust is be delivering to them RELEVANT content. They need content that directly relates to their goals and desires. You must understand your customer better than yourself, or one step better is if your outlook IS your customer. That way you can approach the email marketing process with the thought process “What would I want to hear and what would be useful to me right now?”

Make a Difference in Their Business

Customers don’t want to be bombarded with a bunch of usefuless knowledge. They need communications that build their trust for your company as well as provides them with knowledge that can make a difference for their business.

How Many Emails?

The question often arises of how many emails should you be sending to customers? The answer is usually to do so around once a week and usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, or so says current data available on the topic.

Newsletter Plan

You can send them more in the beginning such as our seven day course, but the switch should then be quickly made to less frequent emails than once a day.

Our Process is YOUR Process

We have information to offer to you on the topic of how to write a 7 day newsletter like we do. This is one of the reasons why it is good to subscribe to our content. Because when you become a part of our process you learn a process that you can in turn use to develop your own customers.