Course Introduction – 6 Easy Steps to Get Online Customers

We are Our Own Customer

That said, this is the introduction of your 7 installment course to learn about the 6 easy steps to get online customers. This is a proven methodology you can use to build toward living your American Dream. This is the exact same approach that we use so we are confident it works if you work it!

You Can Customize this Approach

Please know though that you do not necessarily have to follow precisely the steps that we do. You can customize the sequence you use so that it serves you best based on your industry and needs. Our founder has used variations on these steps to help a variety of different kinds of clients over the years with outcomes like the following…

Over the years he has helped:

No Worries

Even if you do not see your profession, business or description in the list, please know that based on customization this procedure can work for virtually any career or entrepreneurial undertaking. Here is a bare bones listing that we will explore in more depth over the coming 6 lessons. Each lesson will cover a different step.

The 6 Steps Revealed

  1. Newsletter
  2. Course
  3. eBook
  4. Video
  5. Website
  6. Products/Services

Warning, a plug is coming up so if you have a disdain of being sold to (don’t we all) we recommend that you skip this part. We have just shown you the basic 6 steps which you can customize. Coming up is our customization of these steps in the pursuit of gaining customers just like you. Although this is a blatant commercial for our products and services, it is still the fact that by going through the process of becoming our customer, you will learn a lot about how to create a similar methodology that’s just right for you and gets you results!

Our Version of the 6 Steps

Here now is our version of the 6 steps in a proposal to help you live your American Dream:

  1. Newsletter – subscribe to our free weekly email newsletter for new creative marketing tips.
  2. Course – after subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll receive a free 7 day marketing course.
  3. eBook – taking the course entitles you to a free PDF marketing eBook.
  4. Video – when we email you your eBook, we’ll include a link to a video entitled “Media Track.”
  5. Website – at a fraction of industry standard pricing we’ll redo or make you a new website.
  6. Products and/or Services include Packages/Programs – at low fees we’ll customize for you a package of web tools. Also available are programs to update your tools at a flat rate monthly which means you can do a new campaign every 30 days or so which is a proactive way to succeed!

This Has Been an Introduction

Phew, we got through that in one piece. This has been an introduction of the 6 components which are Newsletter, Course, eBook, Video, Website and Your Products and/or Services. With #2 to come!