Step #3 How to Use eBooks to Get Subscribers


Welcome to Step #3 of your automated sales process.

In This Step We Will Talk About eBooks

At this stage, via your 7 Day Course you encourage the user to contact you by email or form and for doing so you will send her/him an eBook. And when you email them the eBook you include the link of a video as a further means of persuasion.

Video is the Step After this One But for Now We are Going to Focus on eBooks

In our case we send a video of our history up to 2015 as well as fill in the gap with talk of how we got a Master’s Degree thereby being able to become a university lecturer on a more full time basis.

This includes creating a very ambitious online course – about making an online course that in turn makes YOU money – that is structured like a graduate college class.

Getting on Track with eBooks

We’ve gotten a bit off track trying to give you a bigger picture, but the real key here is the free eBook. If they do not want your eBook they are going to be less likely to contact you. Rest assured there is an even larger framed methodology than this one that includes the eventual selling of an eBook in addition to giving one away, but more on how to learn to do that is coming in a later installment of this educational series.

For now let’s focus on why giving away free eBooks can be important.

The eBook Concept

The free eBook concept is that the user, due to the desire to know the secrets that it reveals, has the incentive to sign up for your newsletter because she/he wants the information.

The Freemium Approach

It may seem odd to give someone something for free in the hopes that they will later purchase something from you. It is actually a classic approach of sales known as the “Freemium” model in which someone is given something free that leads them to buy something premium therefore the combination of the two is freemian.

Marketing Incentive?

The strategy is based on the principle if I do something for you, you do something for me. Though, it doesn’t always work. Just because you are giving your potential customer a freebie, it doesn’t mean that she or he will then purchase something.

A Great Big Secret

The way to be most successful with this method is to first gain the trust of your prospect and the only way to do this in your sequence is to reveal useful information along the way. This is so that when it comes to purchase you can offer your prospect a paid eBook product that does something that your free eBook doesn’t. In other words your premium product must reveal a great big secret.

A Successful Technique

Success that we’ve had with this technique is that the free eBook we use explores just one aspect of the information that our future customers want. We then let them know to get the complete big picture purchase is needed. Not only have we experimented with this idea but we are currently using it. More specifically we are going to offer you a free eBook about how to get customers to buy from you!

You are There

This is then followed by us then offering you a longer eBook that not only reveals a basic principle but also shows you step by step the big picture of getting folks to buy. In fact, we are using this technique on you right now as you read this!

Interconnected eBooks

We are letting you know that there is something that you can purchase after the offer of the free eBook that will equip you with the knowledge to be able to use the automated eBook strategy with great success! But more on this later.

You Can Use the “Tease” Method Also

As you have probably gathered by now the first eBook is the tease and “coming attraction” of the second one. It’s almost like a movie trailer but the difference is that it must be giving a solid to your future customer that will at least partially give her/him the knowledge that is being sought. This is more likely to later result in a sale.


Some of you may be thinking that this is all well and good, but how do you set this up from a technological perspective? How do you automate the process of getting the free eBook and later the paid one?

A Topic for Another eBook

It is too large a topic to talk about the technology here, but we can say that if you are using WordPress for your site as we do for ours, there are a MULTITUDE of plugins that can give you the desired result. Just use your trusty search engine to search for email marketing plugins for WordPress.

Putting on Our Marketing Hat

And we wouldn’t be proper marketers ourselves unless we made a pitch about our own services that sets up the eBook automation procedure for you. When you purchase one of our digital tools packages along with a monthly program, you will have all the automation tools you need to further your career or business.

Video is Next

But don’t go away, stay tuned for the next episode about the power of video and how this medium can supercharge your marketing.