Step #2 Make Your Own Online Course to Position Yourself as an Expert

Build Trust

Creating your online course can be a great way to establish yourself as an expert and build trust with your customers.

Defining What We Mean by Course

When we speak of online course, we mean the term from the point of view of a 7-day email course. It is too vast a project to attempt to go into detail regarding the topic of an actual online course meaning one that is set up on a membership site that only members can see. Also, a larger sized course could consist of 14, three hour long lessons, which is the equivalent in time spent to take it to that of a Master’s Degree Course.

Online Course Method

Though, it should be mentioned that we have a full-length online course that is about making your course. This course is available to all course creators for a nominal fee and is called the “Online Course Method.” It also details the technique of promoting your course called “Internet Guerrilla Marketing.”

Email Delivered Course

Instead we are going to look at making a course that consists of 7 consecutive email pages that are dropped into the prospect’s email box. This is done one installment at a time much like the one we offer to new members of the Club.

What is a L.M.S.?

A L.M.S. is a Learning Management System which means the methodology used to deliver your course. In our type of course you need to have email marketing software that can send your prospect an email one at a time on autopilot and can be viewed on any sized screen.

There are Many Different Types of Email Marketing Software Available

There are several examples of this kind of software, so we are leaving it up to you to do the search engine research and pick the one that most appeals to you. We make our recommendation in this manner so that you find a method that best suits you.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

That said, why would you want to create an online course of any kind? One of many answers is that it helps to establish you as an expert in your field.

Big Business

Millions and millions of dollars, even billions, are being spent and earned from doing online courses. It is no longer the question of when online courses will be a popular mode of education, it is in fact already a reality today.

Making an Online Course is Not Difficult

Making an online course is not difficult if you already have knowledge on a topic that solves a problem for your students. But even if you don’t have such knowledge chances are you know someone who does who you can partner with. Or can easily find such a person and approach them.

Making Courses Makes Economic Sense

Studies have shown that you will likely make many times the amount of money that you would than if your income was just from blogging.

The Lure of New Knowledge

Folks are drawn to the idea of getting new knowledge to be able to bring in an income and supplement what they already know how to do.

Promote Your Course with a Sales Page

When promoting your course whether it be a 7 day email course or an all out online course covering a subject matter in a manner equivalent to a graduate class, you can rely on existing sales page outlines. These can be found by searching “sales page.”

Writing a Sales Page

We’ll let you in on a little secret, we use sales pages templates ourselves and you can too! A template lays out the course writing process in a detailed fashion that is probably along the lines of what you’d use anyway but it helps to see it to spark your creativity.

Content Outline

When setting up your 7 day course like we did, you can start with a list of even one word at a time that you plan to cover with your project.

Our Outline for Our 7 Day Course Looked Like This:


Use a Course to Promote Your Products/Services

The prior list we showed you on our part directly correlates with products and services we offer. This which means that in teaching the course we are in a sense also promoting what it is we offer to customers. You can do this too. Just think about what products and services you have available and build a course around it. This tends to work well because your own products and services likely solve a problem for your prospect which is what an online course is all about also.

A Human Quirk

We leave you on this topic with an interesting quirk of the human mind. Chances are that if you offer something for free it is ultimately going to have less value in the mind of the user than if you charged money for it. You can use this fact to make a difference in your own pursuit of making courses. For example, we charge $7.00 for the PowerPoint Presentation eBook PDF of much of the information you are being given at no cost (plus some bonus insights). Selling rather than giving the eBook helps us determine who is most likely to work with us.
Paying money for an eBook shows you value the knowledge.

Building Up Your Course Creation Abilities

We suggest starting with making a 7 day course and move up to making a full fledged eLearning experience. We of course (no pun intended) have a graduate level course available that teaches you how to create a course!

More Info in the Paid Version

When you take our long version course, you’ll learn a lot of things that we really don’t have room for here such as how to create a membership site as well as how to accept payment and even the hot topic of Internet Guerrilla Marketing. This form of marketing goes beyond social media nor does it depend on it.

Now onto how develop another educational product known as the eBook.