Made in America

The rally cry “USA Create,” is still a part of my outlook that the United States would do well to to focus on being innovative. All this with the stamp of “Made in America.”


Also, in our wonderful country, there are literally thousands, if not millions, of very creative people out there whose creativity goes untapped. To me this is very sad because I believe that the USA should create.

Not Rising to Potential

Do you use your creativity to the upmost? Is your imagination, in all of its various forms, something you get paid to do? For some of us this is the case. But sadly, less than 2 percent of “creative people” make their living being creative. How can this be changed?

You can always reach out to us regarding our communication services including our consulting and digital goods. Or for whatever reason.


American Creativity Continues

Keep Moving

Even these days of being stuck inside, American creativity continues. You can’t shut down the fertile imagination of many, just because there is a deadly virus that is flaunting itself. Those from the United States are a powerful bunch. They keep moving forward inside despite what is happening outside.

Chugging Mind

This is a credo that I live by: continue to create. Even when not with computer, my mind is going. Yes, there are pangs of unease due to being in forced lock-down, but for the most part I have a 24/7 chugging mind.

It Continues

For some, this is a time of being their most productive ever.  They have never had this much time before to get really imaginative. American creativity continues.


ArtisticPreneurs – Here’s “How to Get New Customers”

Are You Ready to Walk through the Door?

“How to Get New Customers” can be discussed in various ways. And the term “customer,” depending on which art or business you are in, can be called audience, clients, fans and more. “How to Get New Customers” is the thesis and lifeblood of our now more specific mission. In short, if you solve the problem of “How to Get New Customers” you’ve solved a problem almost all of us have faced or are facing. Yes, you’ve walked through the door. But getting to this place takes work.

A Proactive Step by Step Methodology

Of course one of the most effective ways of getting new customers is through referrals. And in books, articles and TV we are encouraged to tap into (as most of us have heard before) our network, for leads. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to hassle with this and could just use a proactive step by step “methodology” to bring the right customers to you?

New Ideas that Have Impacted Us

Still keeping in our methods the importance of the recognition of those who are making a difference, we’ve started to work on developing packages and programs solutions. These “marketing tools packages” and monthly “website update programs,” keep your promotions alive and engaging for your customers, thereby bringing them to you. This clarification of our direction has caused us to make changes in our mission. Mission:

“The mission of the Club is to use digital marketing arts to help entrepreneurs, artists and educators realize their “American Dream” online. views marketing not just as a science but also as an art form like any other. We have two main websites ( and as well as over 30  others, all of which are a part of The Blogger Coalition. This coalition is a network we manage of bloggers who are either our clients or are a part of our in house projects. We are on the lookout for businesses or artists of any kind, who are committed to making a difference in their life and work. We help you with low cost packages and programs, Our four consecutive upward staircase packages are customized to you and your needs and include effective online marketing tools that in turn are refreshed regularly through four coinciding website update programs. These packages and programs work together collectively to engage and bring people to you, so that you are then empowered to convert them into customers, clients, audience members and fans etc. Our “online marketing tools packages” that coincide with  our monthly (or even weekly) “website update programs,” both come in  four ascending levels that parallel each other and will fit you regardless of where you’re at, at the moment with your business or career. These four packages and programs are Beginner, Intermediate, Pro and Super Pro!” Additionally we are committed to producing the annual Awards Show (originally called The Platinum PIAs since 2010) . This show occurs both online and off and recognizes our clients or other ArtisticPreneurs, who are making a difference in their American communities. In short, our mission is to help you with Digital Marketing Arts so that in turn you can help others!”

Both Words Work

It’s a tall order to be sure, but we feel up to the challenge. This clarifying shift in our perspective officially started less than a week ago when we created the new website which has in its title everything most businesses and artists want. And we even went to the point of creating an alternative route to getting you to that site if you prefer the word “clients” over “customers.” The different route is to use the alternative web domain which is (leave out the “www” at the front and it will “forward” to the new site).

This Week’s Marketing Tip

The website barely has any content on it but its title alone and the fact that it now exists pushed us to take the step in evolving our mission. This is where this week’s web marketing tip comes from. The suggestion being that if you have a new idea regarding your marketing that you jump right into it. Also, regardless of what kind of business owner or artist you are, don’t be afraid to have a mission that can bring you FOCUS. For example, even if we don’t build into a full fledged website content-wise, it still has been the impetus we needed to refine our purpose. And with our mission giving us focus, we can serve you better! Isn’t it time you walked through the door?!


The New “USA Create”

Introducing USA Create

Welcome to the new USA Create version of the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter or you may be reading this on the new website. Some of you, especially those reading the newsletter, may be a bit startled regarding the abrupt change from “ArtisticPreneur” to “USAcreate.” Our apologies. We didn’t really know how else to do this.

A Multitude of Aspects

The new areas we will be covering moving forward include Awards Producing, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Mentalism Magic, Online Educating and Website Creating. The reason for this change is so we can serve our clients better with more options and therefore stronger marketing power. To see them in action please go to the all new

The Old Goes to the New

We bring this to your attention because this newsletter is now being sent to you from a different email address. Feel free to contact us at any time using that email address and rest assured if you’ve been communicating with us via our old email address those messages will be forwarded to the new one.

Listen to Your Thoughts

Why are we letting you in on this process? Because it is a way of encouraging you to make changes also if you feel you need to do so. Chances are you know what you are supposed to do but for whatever reason may not be doing it.

Diving In

We found that as we considered developing our new organization there were fears we faced regarding taking the plunge. Why? Because we knew that if we did undergo an organizational change there was no turning back and that challenges may ensue. Well, for better or worse, we have taken the USA Create dive and hope the water is warm.

The Bumpy Road

But back to another subject, that of you possibly undergoing a change. If you do decide to engage in your own transformation (if you need to) we encourage you to hold on to the very positive reasons you are traveling down a different route. This can sometimes make it a less bumpy ride.

Slogan for the New Newsletter

The slogan for the website and the newsletter are both up for grabs. Please let us know what you think would work. Both the site and the newsletter could have the same byline or be different. Looking forward to what you’re coming up with!

Your Marketing Tip for Today

Meanwhile your marketing tip for today is to not be afraid of changing because eventually you will have to do so anyway and better to be proactive than reactive!