How to Market Yourself

USA Create Means USA Create


USA Create  means USA create. It is a proclamation to Americans to be creative. That is because creativity is at the core of any new ideas or strategy. Do you have a business? Are you frustrated with your marketing results? Many are and it is a problem with a solution. Company’s like offer methods of acquiring more customers. In a recent post they talk about influencers and whether they can help you or not?

The Emergence of Digital

There are a lot of digital solutions that in many cases have more impact than if marketing was analog again. Analog meaning not digital. Digital didn’t appear as a marketing tool until the ’90’s and wasn’t fully on the road until the 2010’s. So it really has not been around that long!

Making Your Brand Visible

But regardless if you are promoting yourself analog or digital, the most important thing is that you “create.” You create for yourself a way of advertising yourself that increases you or your business or both visible as a brand.

How to Market Yourself

Promoting the Stamas Bros

What Will YOUR Answer Be?

If you like wacky, offbeat, esoteric humor (and/or desperate attempts at being funny), you’re going to luv the bros!

They’ve Got Monikers from Ancient Greece

Who are the Stamas Bros? The best way to describe them is that they are the two brothers who have the website. Beyond that it’s really hard to say. They do have names though, which are Stamas Bro Homer and Stamas Bro Aristotle.

Gosh Darn those Bros

We’d love to be able to say that they’re peppy and fun and find themselves getting into amusing and engrossing misadventures. We’d love to be able to say that. We really would.

How do You Launch Them?

So how in the heck can you promote two dudes like this, especially since was designed as a site that was not to be publicized in any manner whatsoever. Not even by carrier pigeons with fliers.

¿Qué haces con dos Stamas Bros?

The only answer that makes any sense at all is that since they are un-icons they should be marketed using un-marketing. Maybe something like what Thrillumentary did. Or even as what USA eLearning is starting to do.

The Best Laid Plans…

But what is un-marketing, really? It’s when you pretend you’re not interested in being interviewed for a blog, but are secretly thrilled at being asked, even though you do your very best to look stoic and uninterested.

Excitement Can Backfire

You’ve got a plan to show up fashionably late to your session with the blogger. But it turns out that you are privately so enthusiastic about being featured in a blog, you accidentally arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment.

Playing the Ageism Card

No but seriously, what do you do with these two formerly young men? Maybe you get them to be very loud community activists who get attention by screaming out that society is ageist?

The Goal is to Get into the Blogger Coalition Network

The problem is that ageism IS prevalent in the modern world, and at the moment it isn’t a popular subject. So you can forget about doing a publicity stunt consisting of a loud tirade about aging in front of members of the Blogger Coalition.

Do Blogs Get Enough Respect?

Wait a minute. The bros have resources. They know bloggers and in fact Stamas Bro Homer is actually the founder of the Blogger Coalition consisting of over 35 blogs both for clients and in house projects. Plus, both Bros, from different ends of the country, make their living doing websites and marketing.

YOU are a Part of it!

So there’s no need to use tactics to get known. The Stamas Bros can just call in favors for such things as being mentioned in the newsletter/blog you are currently reading! Even the think tank behind Thrillumentary opens up many possibilities. So does USA eLearning for that matter.

It’s Time for the Tip

What is the marketing tip here? Is it to scan your existing pool of influencers before going in search of outside means? Possibly. But one thing’s for certain. Enlist the help of those carrier pigeons!