“Cat Sales Page” or Can Cats Sell Marketing eBooks?

  1. Let’s be clear on the problem that the eBooks we are about to promote to you solve. You can do everything right, including picking a career and then going to school for it or starting a business and getting an SBA loan and so forth. But guess what, none of that matters if you don’t have any customers, clients or fans. And that can be painful. You need a way to stop the pain. That’s where the USAcreate.com eBook “How to Get New Customers: The Easy 6 Step Method” comes into play. It is the key to the lock. The solution to the problem. The cat to the nip. Which is probably why the title of the feline presentation you are about to experience is “Can Cats Sell Marketing eBooks with 27 Images? Or  “How to Get New Customers that are a Purr-fect Fit!”

  1. Cats can sell many things: milk, technology and even luxury cars as seen in the YouTube video of “The Top 10 Best Cat Commercials of All Time.”

  1. But can cats sell Marketing eBooks?

  1. We decided to put it to the test by getting various cats from in and around New York City to sell our eBook entitled “6 Easy Steps to Get Online Customers.” With a photographer in tow we shot many different images of cats in a variety of settings.

  1. In fact, we even got a cat named C.T.C. to write our sales page hoping that with laughter combined with our top secret 19 step process we would achieve what the eBook was all about: getting new customers. But did a cat truly understand human buying habits?

  1. T.C. did so well we gave him the job of being the spokesperson for the eBook that our founder wrote and is available for purchase.

  1. Coming up is what C.T.C. developed. Let us know what you think. Does the sales page make you want to purchase “6 Easy Steps to Get Online Customers?” or does it just confuse you about the direction you want to take?

    1. If it does peak your curiosity, then the marketing tip for today is that cats are good at being featured in promotions so consider hiring an M.C. Cat today!

  1. We are about to reveal to you excerpts from the eBook sales page that C.T.C. created. Please let us know if it increases you desire to buy or just causes you to let out a polite chuckle or some other uncomfortable burst of emotion.

      1. If anthropomorphism turns you off this presentation is not for you!


    1. I’m C.T.C. of the feline persuasion attempting to answer the question “Why am I selling a PowerPoint Presentation about marketing made into a PDF eBook that Contains Nearly 200 slides for far less than a visit to the cat hospital when I truly believe it to be worth thousands of dollars more?!”


  1. Look, as a mammal who has more bones in his body than humans, I make no bones (sorry) about giving it to you straight. Our motivation for putting out this eBook here at the USAcreate.com Club is to hopefully wow you into wanting to work with us. We are out of the box (litter?) thinkers and approach marketing as an artistic process, with the science and technology part still included too. Also, you get thrown into the mix me, who will enjoy working with you if you have a lap!

  1. If you’re like most cats I know (and I do mean that in the antiqued slang sense) you’d be interested in marketing breakthroughs. Well, we’ve got such a breakthrough in the form of a PDF eBook that is called “6 Easy Steps to Getting Online Customers.” And trust me I know easy, you’re talking to someone whose job description is sleeping and purring.

  1. The 6 Steps eBook is one of the methods we use to get new clients. You know those humans, they love their steps. The only steps I care about are the ones that I have go up to get my food bowl. Oh, and speaking of steps, in addition to the 6 step approach there is also one that uses 19 steps, but we’ll get into that later. Please excuse me as I go and shoot a photograph of my fellow in a suitcase to represent how portable working with us is. We work with folks all over the U.S.A.!

  1. I’m here to affirm that our techniques both in the eBook and for our products and services, are quite simple to execute, especially if you have basic computer knowledge, or if not you could get someone to help you. Or we have monthly and weekly programs to help you. But you should have no problem with the technical end. Because trust me, even a kitten can do it!

  1. With my paw on my heart I can say truthfully that the bulk of the 6 Steps PDF is about what the title implies – 6 Easy Steps can be taken by you to acquire more online customers. This means you are primarily learning the 6 Step approach instead of the 19. Though, as a bonus we do touch briefly on the 19 step methodology. Because who doesn’t like a bonus? It’s like getting a six course fish dinner!

  1. It works better than posting selfies! The eBook is named “6 Easy Balls of Yarn to Get More Customers” ahem, sorry, I meant “6 Easy Steps to Get Online Customers.” What is it exactly? It’s a PowerPoint document in the form of a PDF that contains a lot of the same information you saw in our 6 part email course, but puts it all in one simple to use book form. Plus it contains the BONUS of a basic outline of the secret 19 steps we use to achieve our marketing goals! Also, it has pictures so there’s not a lot of reading to do. Just reveal to you concepts that have been University tested, in other words used in actual college presentations but only available through USAcreate.com.!

  1. Take a moment to reflect on this offer.

  1. Look, I’m giving it to you straight or my name’s not C.T.C. And I’m more than just being a sardine chaser. I like salmon too. Let’s put it this way, I know when I see a good thing and can say with confidence that working with USAcreate.com is not only about getting you the Digital Campaign Tools you need, but also providing education of how to use them. I was so stunned when I found this out that I fell backwards into the basket!

  1. Okay, so I’m not the most graceful walker on four legs, but I do know something good mixed media offer when I SEE it. And speaking of seeing, you’ve probably heard that our vision is similar to that of you humans but we can’t see colors. Don’t underestimate us though, we can see shades of blue and green, but reds and pinks can be confusing. These may appear more green. But what’s the prob with that? This page is all about you bringing in the green if you make the right choice and green light this offer!

  1. As you may know, our founder has also been fortunate in his career to have either directed or had as clients actors who have won Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Tonys (true). He’s also had as clients some of the most prestigious nonprofit and educational institutions in New York City including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the NYC Department of Education and the New York Public Library. And as you’ve probably figured out by now, he believes cats should walk the red carpet!

  1. With our methods, if you work them, can result in a big change in your life such as going from being a wannapreneur to an entrepreneur. Or if you already are a small business owner or someone with a successful career, the eBook can strengthen your marketing arsenal.

  1. Well it’s happened. We’re at the at the most important part of our “sales letter” for your eBook which is putting out there your offer. It’s been said that a great offer can overcome mediocre copy but great copy cannot overcome a mediocre offer. Marketing books tell us that our offer should be irresistible. We want you to say to yourself, “I’d be stupid not to take advantage of this deal.” Don’t worry I’m not going to do another cat nip joke as a metaphor for how desirable this offer is.

  1. But let’s face it, people take their time responding to offers, even when they are irresistible. There are many reasons why people procrastinate on investing in a solution. To motivate people to take action they usually need an extra incentive. Did you know that people are more motivated to act by the fear of loss rather than gain? That’s exactly what we’re about to do by injecting scarcity into your letter.

  1. At this point I could go into an analogy of how important taking the offer can be in your life just like having a way to avoid becoming being a stray pet in a cold cruel world, but I won’t. Instead I’ll emphasize what is called the scarcity technique. In our case it is quite real.

  1. My human (USAcreate’s founder) truly does not want to include as a bonus the basic outline of the 19 steps which are currently the magic formula and differentiation for his organization’s success. He really does not relish the idea of giving out the 19 steps and could at any moment change is mind about including them in conjunction with this offer of getting “How to Get New Customers: The Easy 6 Step Method. The thought of putting out there for public consumption “the secret sauce” has him tossing and turning at night. He WILL likely REMOVE the 19 steps bonus section but as of this writing he has not done so already. So. you need to act fast if you want 19 steps of insight on how to prevent your career or business from dying. But hey, what do I care? I’ve got 9 lives. But YOU do NOT. So, order now.

  1. Please speed up your response to this offer which is the purchase of the PowerPoint to PDF eBook of approximately 200 slide that reveals what its name implies

So in the final analysis, after viewing 27 images with 27 descriptions, can cats sell marketing eBooks? I suppose that’s up to you. If you buy, the answer is yes. And if you don’t the answer is no. At least not in this incarnation. But we do hope either way that you have enjoyed this presentation. We certainly had fun creating it! And a special thanks to all my cat friends who gave up their regular cat duties (laps, sleeping, doing cute things etc.) to be photographed for this undertaking.

Yours sincerely and wishing you the best,

CTC (Click The Cat)

P.S. Ultimately we created this presentation because we wanted an enjoyable and amusing way to let you know the low cost opportunities you have as shown in the eBook which include getting one of four Online Marketing Arts packages (Beginner, Intermediate, Pro or Super Pro) as well as one of four coinciding programs for updating your Digital Campaign Tools and Campaigns monthly (programs, like packages, also come in Beginner, Intermediate, Pro and Super Pro).

P.P.S. You see, the eBook “How to Get New Customers: The Easy 6 Step Method,” not only tells you a procedure consisting of 6 steps that you can implement immediately but also makes you aware of the 19 Digital Campaign Tools that our highest package offers. To put it bluntly, the eBook promotes what we can do for YOU. Or if you prefer and have skills (or know someone who does) can make yourself! Either way it’s kitty approved!

P.P.P.S. Why cats? It could have been dogs, or even hamsters for that matter, anything we need to do to inspire you to purchase the eBook or even go straight to looking at the packages and programs you have available to you.