Blogger Coalition

Blogger Coalition: Magic for All

What is the Blogger Coalition? The Blogger Coalition at is a coalition of over 30 bloggers, each with her or his own blog and all of whom are united in a common “magic” goal which is, that in the current state of our country, to get out a positive message of hope and inclusion.

The Common Denominator of the Blogger Coalition

The message that the Blogger Coalition strives for is that USA citizens are encouraged to create their American dream on the web now to ensure the country moves forward in a direction that helps all in these United States. This is a grassroots and powerful bipartisan movement that can be reduced to two words which are: “USA create” as in “USA create your American dream online” which also happens to be the slogan for the website known as

What is provides free of cost, web hosting and marketing resources to the Blogger Coalition as well as is a marketing organization that for lower than industry fees empowers solopreneurs, business owners and organizations to get more customers, clients and fans in conjunction with making a difference in their communities.

Marketing for All

By keeping their fees far below marketing agency prices, is able to empower businesses and artists with marketing strategies and online tools that allow them to spread the word of the importance of impacting the country in a constructive way. All this while clients simultaneously promote themselves or their business.

Getting the Support You Need clients are engaged in a win-win situation where Americans can find success for their entrepreneurial pursuits while participating in a new revolution. This pursuit translates into receiving full coverage and support by one or more members of the Blogger Coalition.

The Blogger Coalition and a PDF eBook

The Blogger Coalition also supports the marketing publication in the form of a PDF eBook that distributes for free entitled “How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 6 Easy Steps.” These steps can be done by anyone regardless of whether or not you are a marketing client of

The Democratizing of the Promotional Process

The democratizing of the promotional process helps to ensure that anyone and everyone can have a successful business or artistic career. Since assists in managing with web hosting and marketing for the over 30 blogs, this means that select customers of might receive and therefore could benefit from individual blogger(s) of the Blogger Coalition. This would be in the form of receiving coverage in one or more of the blogs about your business or artistic venture.

How do You Acquire Blogger Coalition Support?

The litmus test for receiving free press by Blogger Coalition members has to do with the particular person or business and their commitment to not only being successful entrepreneurs but simultaneously participating in positive change in America.

Your Magic Message

So if the magic message we’ve been discussing resonates with you both in terms of your business as well as your love of America, the over 30 blogs of the Blogger Coalition can be reached through their web hosting and marketing provider at the email Email us today for a better America and entrepreneurial success!