A Lot Happened on this Day

A lot happened on April 1, 2019 and it’s no April Fools gag. We not only found out the winners of the 2019 10th Anniversary PIAs event, but we also discovered that our beloved P.P. has had a name change. More on that in a moment.

10th Annual PIAs Winners Announced

A big warm congratulations for the ArtisticPreneurs who in cyber mode were presented their Platinum PIAs Crystal Triangles. And thanks also to all the subscribers to this newsletter (ArtisticPreneur) for voting on the winners. It wasn’t easy and the race was very close, but certain folks then came out triumphant. Depending on when you are viewing this, you can find more out about the winners at:


Hope and Change

But what of this name change and why? The powers-that-be decided to embrace their immediate neighborhood and from April 1st on, the Platinum PIAs will be known as the Big Apple Awards. Although “Big Apple” seems to imply Manhattan, NY only, the awards will be open to anyone and everyone across the country who are currently using their marketing as a way to make a difference. The thinking is that those who are spreading the message of hope and change, should be acknowledged. More can be seen here:


Marketing Tip of the Week

And finally, what does all this have to do with our tip of the week? Our tip of the week is that sometimes to remain fresh you have to rebrand. It’s not something to be afraid of but rather sometimes the next logical step, thereby opening up an exciting new path. Do you have something you want to rebrand?!