It does the marketing so you don’t have to!

My Brother and Fellow Marketer

My brother lives 3,000 miles away in the scientifically proven EXACT center of California. He on the West Coast and I in NYC, both basically do the same thing for a living which is websites and internet marketing.

Automated Promotions

And my brother’s running joke is that he speaks about is his desire to live a lifestyle that doesn’t require his presence! So it makes sense we often speak about marketing on autopilot – promotion that is automated and once set up works on its own.

Hard to Do

It is a somewhat intricate challenge to initially put together, but the surprising thing is that it’s actually possible. What makes it difficult is that you don’t have the benefit of being able to gauge the prospect because it is all done digitally in advance.

It Takes…Anticipation

You have to be able to anticipate the various possible outcomes of any sequence and give the person engaged in the journey the opportunity to choose which route to go at any given juncture.

A New Methodology

As hard as it is to do, it’s a lot of fun to think about and lately I’ve been making strides with it. It’s become clear to me that in order for to succeed I’m going to have to figure out a way that someone who is interested in learning more about a product or service can have a pleasant user experience with this methodology. This will also mean that the the marketing funnel that the prospect will travel through will need to be digitally generated in advance!

Making it Happen

The key is to supply the future customer with various phases of a demonstration without the seller having to be physically involved in the sale. The stakes are high, especially when you consider using this robotic approach to make a purchase happen!

Being Careful

Selling promotional products and services have their own unique mountains to climb over even when not being automated and relying on the human factor instead. Selling publicity and advertising is an art and a science. So how are mere digital tools going to be able to measure up while doing the selling on their own?! The answer is…very carefully!

Hands Off

If this is a topic that interests you, feel free to contact us. My brother and I are close to realizing a dream of having a way of life that is hands off when it comes to the automated sales process.

This week’s Marketing Tip

This week’s marketing tip if applied can make a considerable difference in your career or business. Our tip is to explore marketing automation. That’s right, we recommend that you start looking into this vast area. We are suggesting this partially in order to whet your appetite for a free online course that we are going to be offering soon on the topic. In fact we are working on it right now and hopefully will have it ready in a week or two. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing on autopilot!