With Custom Digital Promotion Tools Packages like these we’ve helped people over the years…

Even if you didn’t see yourself in the list above, because the Digital Promotion Tools Packages are customized to your needs inclusive of your industry, regardless of what you do (as long as it doesn’t involve hate) we can assist you at magic@usacreate.com!

Our Mission:

“The mission of the USAcreate.com Club is to use digital marketing arts to help entrepreneurs, artists and educators realize their “American Dream” online. USAcreate.com views marketing not just as a science but also as an art form like any other. We have two main websites (USAcreate.com and HowToGetNewCustomers.com) as well as over 30  others, all of which are a part of The Blogger Coalition. This coalition is a network we manage of bloggers who are either our clients or are a part of our in house projects. We are on the lookout for businesses or artists of any kind, who are committed to making a difference in their life and work. We help you with low cost packages and programs, Our four consecutive upward staircase packages are customized to you and your needs and include effective online marketing tools that in turn are refreshed regularly through four coinciding website update programs. These packages and programs work together collectively to engage and bring people to you, so that you are then empowered to convert them into customers, clients, audience members and fans etc. Our “online marketing tools packages” that coincide with with our monthly (or even weekly) “website update programs,” both come in  four ascending levels that parallel each other and will fit you regardless of where you’re at, at the moment with your business or career. These four packages and programs are Beginner, Intermediate, Pro and Super Pro!” Additionally we are committed to producing the annual USAcreate.com Awards Show (originally called The Platinum PIAs since 2010) . This show occurs both online and off and recognizes our clients or other ArtisticPreneurs, who are making a difference in their American communities. In short, our mission is to help you with Digital Marketing Arts so that in turn you can help others!”

What no Social?!

We provide you with strategies that go beyond social media and don’t require it. You see, even though overseeing your existing social media accounts is not a service we offer, we do custom correlate the web marketing tools that we make for you to ensure that they have social integrations when needed. For example, we can set it up so that every time your weekly or monthly email newsletter is blasted to your list, simultaneously your Twitter and FaceBook pages will be automatically updated with the same information! One less headache you have to worry about! Also, we assist you in mobilizing your social media to help with traffic and content development.

But Most Importantly, Can Cats Sell Marketing eBooks?

But if you really want to learn about what USAcreate.com can do for your career or business in terms of getting you new customers, we would like to suggest that you visit our sales page that will be your doorway into experiencing the 19 steps as well as helping in the attempt to answer the question “Can Cats Sell Marketing eBooks?” Be patient regarding the feline question since the 19 steps occur for you over the course of 10 days or so in the form of a 10 day marketing course when you subscribe to our online newsletter. By Day #8 we’ll start to attempt to answer the felis catus inquiry!

Or if Cat Comedy isn’t Your Thing as Seen Here You Can Continue Reading Traditional Sales Copy

We help you market yourself or your business or both with our packages of web tools that go beyond social media, as well as monthly programs and strategies – it works if you work it! This is true whether you’re an artist, business, educator, expert, magician, marketer, musician, newlifer, nonprofit, or even identify with the  Over50USA movement!

Here are the 6 easy steps toward living your American Dream online:

  1. Newsletter – subscribe to our free weekly email newsletter for new creative marketing tips.
  2. Course – after subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll receive a free 10 day marketing course.
  3. eBook – taking the course entitles you to purchase at a reasonable price an eBook which reveals secret online marketing strategies and is University tested, plus consists of hundreds of PowerPoint slides that have been converted to a PDF
  4. Video – when we email you your eBook we will include a link to a video entitled “Media Track.”
  5. Website – at a fraction of industry standard pricing we’ll redo or make you a new website.
  6. Products/Services – Also available are programs to update your tools at a flat rate monthly which means you can do a new campaign every 30 days or so which is a proactive way to succeed!

It all starts with the free Newsletter so go here to subscribe.

USAcreate.com’s founder has had as video or marketing or education clients some of the most important institutions in Manhattan, NY, including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, The Film Society of Lincoln Center, The NYC Department of Education and The New York Public Library.

A fun fact about USA Create is that our founder has either directed or had as clients actors who have won Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys and now “The USAcreate.com Awards” (formerly known as the Platinum PIAs annually since 2010 and is now managed by USAcreate.com).

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