5. Get Blog Publicity

This Could Be You

Blogger Coalition coverage of you in 3 blogs to help keep your customers engaged, entertained and ultimately continuing to be your clients! TheĀ  Blogger Coalition is there for YOU! Only clients and new clients qualify to receive this service from our free and premium toolkit.

Entertain Them and They will Listen

USAcreate manages over 30 websites for the Blogger Coalition, some of which are for clients and others that are for in house projects including offbeat entries like BigFootZombie.com, StamasBros.com and more. We have developed an effective way to get for you online blog publicity from the Coalition, three websites at a time. It is through the use of making your message into entertainment just like all the big accounts are doing.

It’s All About the Elves

We coordinate the elves to cover your small business or artistic career (of any kind) in 3 different publications that link to each other. The point here IS NOT TO RELY ON GOOGLE’S ORGANIC SEARCH (they of course would prefer you to purchase ads from them anyway).

Bring Out the Fun in Your Brand

You achieve bringing in new future customers through your newsletter collecting email machine while simultaneously doing things to engage your existing clients, to be a part of the upbeat and enjoyable process of interacting with your brand!

Look at the Commercials of Today and You’ll See Why this Makes Sense

The main reason to be featured in three blogs is to give you entertaining fodder to spotlight in your email newsletter. The key here is that it be entertainment, because as you may have noticed, these days commercials are filled with lots of offbeat and entertaining elements.

The Approach is Working

And new ones are coming all the time which is because this approach is working and getting results for those who use it. The reason behind this is that people don’t usually buy based on features, but prefer instead to go with a brand they trust and this trust is can be built through enjoyable off-the-wall spots over time.

We’re Here for You

Not quite sure how to achieve this? We can assist you with it just like we have for the Stamas Bros and BigFoot Zombie. Comedy, especially unusual farce, is a powerful way to connect with your future and existing customers, clients and fans, because there’s no business that’s not in show business! And to make this show biz world yours, always go back to the power of USAcreate.com free and premium tools.