Something to THINK about!

On a Special Day

Hi everyone. It’s four days after the 4th of July, the special day celebrating our declaration of independence! It was hard to compete with the fireworks so we’re sending this email a little bit later. Though, those subscribed to our newsletter got much of the content in this blog post in their in box on the 4th. Repetition and consistency mean something. In this edition we’re going to take a look at a certain kind of mind trick you can use to get ahead in life including your business or your artistic career.

Accidental Luck

Years ago, I had a brief but profitable foray into the world of being a real estate agent. Our landlord at the time had a few NYC apartments he wanted to rent so for some reason out of the blue he offered me the job even though I didn’t ask for it nor had we every spoken about rentals. I filled all the apartments with great tenants within days! This prompted him to give me more apartments to fill.

The Secret

How did I do it? Much the same approach my brother used years later for his website. The approach was to make the prospect work for the prize. I put an ad on a real estate website and for every inquiry I got I responded with letting them know the response was overwhelming and did they want to be placed on the list?

Generating Buzz

What resulted was a feeding frenzy of folks contacting me, trying to convince me I should choose them even before they saw the apartments!

From Real Estate back into the Arts

A few months later we moved out of our apartment, changed landlords and I decided to end my real estate career because it was getting in the way of my real passion and pursuit which is digital marketing arts.

Something to At Least be Aware of

What’s the takeaway? What’s the promotional lesson here?  One of the secrets of success and a good marketing tip is, don’t make it too easy for your prospects. Make them work at it in order to work with you.

In a Figurative Sense

Start a list of possible clients and make all prospects be on a list. I don’t mean literally do this of course, but in a figurative sense make them jump over walls and through hoops. The psychology of humans is weird!

P.S. This is not a one size fits all approach. Some people are very nice, and you don’t have to resort to tactics to work with them. Trust your intuition.

Magically yours and hope you had a great 4th!