4. Get Premium eBook

First Get the Free eBook and then get the Premium One

“How to Get New Customers” Premium eBook (free if you become our client or already are a client). This premium eBook is 200 slides long and was formerly a university presentation by our founder that has now been converted into a PDF with content including “6 Simple Steps to Get New Clients Now” as well as an incredible bonus that is a basic outline of the exact same 19 steps that we use to get new customers and that are included in the Super Pro Package (see #6)! The exciting thing is that the premium eBook is like a guide for using your free and premium USAcreate.com tools.

Get Into the Mix with YOUR Own Projects Because there’s No Time Like the Present!

Now’s the time to write YOUR eBook for YOUR instant download and YOU 10 day email course. Hey if we can do it so can you! And we are going to provide you with all the knowledge you need to know how. Writing an eBook can be quite easy using a program like PowerPoint. You can first create a slide presentation with a sentence or two on each slide, and then convert it into a PDF which is the eBook you put out for sale.

Putting Together YOUR Marketing Materials with What You Learn

First give out your free eBook to get your prospects to sign up for your newsletter and then after the 10 day course sell them your premium eBook. That’s what we do with “How to Get New Customers” that includes “6 Easy Steps to Get Online Customers” with the bonus outline of the same 19 steps we use to get new clients. You may be wondering though how are you going to be able to create content for a 100 or more slides? The answer is to draw from your 10 day course. People like convenience so having all the info in a single eBook is desirable. Though, be sure to include a bonus. In our case we included the 19 steps.

Some Marketing Secrets

Another important aspect of developing a premium eBook is not to give it away but rather to sell it. Why would you want to sell it when in some ways it will be a commercial for your products and services? The answer is because when someone pays once for your products or services or eBook, that person will be statistically more likely to purchase from you again when you offer them a larger product/service.

And speaking of purchasing our eBook, Here is a Preview of Some of the Content

Are feeling the PAIN of NOT getting new customers?

As promised earlier, at the end of this eBook is the VERY SIMPLE strategy that shows you “how to get new customers.” This very easy to implement strategy is easily worth the price of this eBook many times over because it only takes ONE SENTENCE to explain!

Don’t Forget the Following

But we recommend you don’t skip to the end to get the secret. Because the secret only works if you have a marketing arsenal and foundation as we outline in this publication. But be sure to check out your free eBook and free 10 day email course and get as much out of both as you possibly can.

Next Up is #5 Which is How to Get Free Publicity

It is important to realize that the free blog publicity offer is free for our current and new clients only. So if you’re a current or new client you’ve got it made. But even if you’re not a client yet, it’s still worth checking out our publicity system in conjunction with the Blogger Coalition! This is one of the free and premium tools that USAcreate.com offers.