3. Get Free 10 Day Email Course

Get Your Free 10 Day Email Course

The way that the 10 Day Email Course works is that you get your first email when you sign up for the newsletter and then you receive one every day after that until it reaches day 10. And don’t forget, at the time of subscribing you also get your instantly downloadable eBook entitled “35 Easy Tips on How to Get New Customers.” For help with this eBook it is recommended that you check out the USAcreate.com tools page for more information on how to do a campaign. These tools will also help you with the implementation of your free 10 day email course!

Preview of Your Marketing Packages

Each day is on a different topic that you can put into action right away. Also, the 10 Day journey prepares you for getting the most out of your premium 3 tool package up to your 19 tool package (see #6).

Act Now, this May Not Be Around for Long

If you sign up right now for your USAcreate.com free 10 day email course on how to get new customers, you’ll also get your free weekly newsletter with marketing tips also on the topic of “how to get new customers.”

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Premium eBook Opportunity

Or, if you are in a super hurry and don’t want to plow through 10 days to get your knowledge, we do have an eBook available for a fair price that is a 200 slide PowerPoint presentation designed for a day long seminar at a New York based University and is now adapted to being a PDF eBook for you and your business or artistic career. Currently this eBook is NOT available ANYWHERE ELSE!

Getting the Premium eBook will Get You Information a Faster and Less Painful Way

This eBook details the 6 steps to getting new customers plus as a bonus has the same 19 step approach that we use ourselves. The 19 steps are merely outlined but the 6 steps go into some detail. And of course most importantly is the free secret revealed that only take ONE SENTENCE to explain.

Maybe Premium eBook Instead of 10 Day Course – We’re Getting a Little Nervous

At the end of this eBook it reveals the “simple to do Strategy” that shows you “how to get new customers.” This strategy alone can be your cash cow. It works for us and it will work for you! It works if you work it! Oh, and did we mention that is is so easy it can be explained in ONE SENTENCE! But giving away this much inside information makes us a little nervous about revealing too extensively our confidential strategies, therefore this eBook opportunity and 10 day course may also not be around for long! So if you want your info quickly, hurry and get your eBook that will be delivered to you instantly when you subscribe to your newsletter! And of course, ultimately you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your online marketing arts tools to assist you in succeeding.