How to Market a Magician (with Help from HP)

NOTE: the following is a marketing method used to promote a conjurer, but the basic structure of this approach could be used by someone of any profession by converting the components into ones from your Industry!

Manhattan Magician of is perhaps best known for his performances along with the Magic Neighbors Theater Troupe that tours various branches of the New York Public Library.

A Fun Way to Promote

Since Manhattan Magician might as well be my alter ego or imaginary brother, I wanted a fun way to promote him, possibly tied into the library and books.

A Force of Nature

One strategy is to align yourself with someone who is more famous than you are. Who then is the most famous magician of book-dom? I bet you didn’t even blink before you thought: Harry Potter. And you’d be right. Harry Potter is a force of nature. My 10 year old daughter (who is in the library magic act) recently put herself on the list at the library for one of the books, the one that has the Goblet in it.

Library Waiting List

At the time of requesting the book she was told that she is number 7 in a waiting list of 7. My daughter instantly did the calculations and surmised that it would take her more than 3 months before she would get the book. So she and my wife purchased the book instead.

Off the Shelves Quickly

Another library and Harry Potter story is the time my daughter rather magically discovered exactly the Harry Potter DVD she wanted to watch because she had just read the book and likes to see the Potter movies after taking in the book. The librarian at checkout commented that it was miraculous she got this DVD because practically the second it is on the shelves, it gets taken out again.

Two Magicians, Two Very Different Worlds

Okay, so we’ve established Harry Potter is well known. How then does a practitioner of prestidigitation align herself/himself with likes of Potter? The answer for us was in the fact that both Harry Potter and the Manhattan Magician were magicians, so the joining of the two would have to have something to do with magic tricks.

Fictional Spells into Real Tricks?

We had heard that apparently, Bloomsbury Children’s Books did a world-wide survey of the favorite Harry Potter spells. This generated an idea. What about if Harry Potter’s 10 top spells could be made into magic tricks!?

Inventing Magic Tricks

Since Manhattan Magician was writing a book about how to invent magic tricks, this seemed like a perfect tie-in. So now all that had to be done was to figure out an online publication that could feature the story.

Over 35 Websites

As most of you know I manage over 30 websites, some of which are for clients and the others are for in house projects. One of these sites is, yes you guessed it, which is run by a guy named Spaceman. The connection between a “Spaceman” and “Harry Potter” has never quite been clear to me, but it didn’t matter. It was time to contact the man from the galaxy.

An Ambitious Experiment

Spaceman loved the idea of Manhattan Magician coming up with magic tricks based on the top 10 spells. We decided that Manhattan Magician would look at the list of the 10 and then would come up with ideas on the spot. But we had one hitch to the deal. Magicians are not supposed to reveal the secrets of how they perform magic, especially magicians who are members of the Society of American Magicians. You see, Manhattan Magician had taken a binding oath of not revealing secrets.

A Solution is Found

I came up with a solution. What about if Manhattan Magician did a “Magic Talk” referring to tricks and principles that only magicians could understand? That way no secrets would be revealed to the general public. The Manhattan Magician loved the idea and so did Spaceman, so all that had to happen now was to get Spaceman and Manhattan Magician in the same room.

A Lesson in How to Market a Magician

What can we learn about marketing here? For one thing it helps to be manager of the blog/website that the interview is for. Also, thinking outside of the box (or the top hat) is good. Another thing is communication between all parties involved. And speaking of parties, if you want to check out the plan in action, take a look here at the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC website post. Or if you prefer to go directly, the URL is

The Big Project

A Question

Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I don’t know. I hope not. Sometimes doing the Online Marketing Arts project seems to be too large, with too many moving parts. If the rule “keep it simple” was to be applied here, it would flunk out. The basic idea is easy enough to understand though, but the doing it seems overly challenging.

What is It?

I’m talking about an eBook that is starting out as a 200 plus PowerPoint slide show. In slide form, it will be the curriculum for an all day seminar I plan to teach (as an aspiring adjunct professor now that I have my Master’s), but the eBook is another thing. If I was just creating some nice images and then called it a day, that would be fine. The problem is in the “system” that surrounds and promotes the eBook.

A Little More Clarity

To give you a clearer idea of what I’m talking about, let’s just say that the endeavor is to put together an eBook then promote and sell it. Doable, right? In fact the eBook itself has an attainable idea. The short version of the title (lol) is “How to Get New Customers: The Easy 6 Step Method.” And doing the 6 step method is easy, you just follow the steps in the eBook and if done correctly you will get end up at least getting some leads for customers, clients or even fans.

19 is the Number

But that’s just part of the title. The full title is “How to Get New Customers: The Easy 6 Step Method Plus Special Bonus Outline of the Simple 19 Step Technique.” So now you see it. It’s the 19 step aspect of the book, that bonus part, that’s not as simple to do as I would like. I am my own guinea pig and will NEVER put on the market something that I have not done myself. Interestingly enough the 19 step is made up of 5 or 6 chunks that individually done are easy peasy lemon squeezy. These are chunks I have used that lead me to achieve some success.

A Temporarily Overly Worried Moment

But stitched together like a Frankenstein monster, they aren’t so EPLS. They are OVERWHELMING!


But writing this has been therapeutic. Thanks guys. As I jot down the problems I am coming up with solutions. The truth of the matter is that once I’ve tested and gone through the project phases, helping someone else do it is going to be a lot easier than doing it myself. And the key is breaking it into sub chunks of the chunks, as well as even sub chunks of the chunks which in turn have sub chunks of the chunks. Hey I got through getting a Master’s in Arts Administration at age 57 by taking thing slowly. And the irony in the end was that getting that degree ultimately felt a lot quicker than I had anticipated.


So there you have it. A bunch of ruminations of the process and action plan in action. “But,” you may ask “how close are you so far to completion of the 19 step version of “How to Get New Customers” methodology?” Good question. Let’s put it this way. The night before last I got up at 3:00AM and worked feverishly for 5 hours on the undertaking so I could then attend to other responsibilities. As I am writing this I have about 45 days to go until the end of August. It would be great to have this done by September 1! Although that is pretty close, let’s plan on it happening by then and have an online celebration. A web release party as it were.


But what about you? Are you okay with getting through large projects? I believe that many of you probably are since this list has a lot of talented and successful people on it. But for those of us like myself, the insight or marketing tip that I have today is to break promotional projects into short and doable pieces. You don’t have to write it all down in in blueprint form, unless that’s how you are most productive. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done in a finite amount of time!


This blog post was started yesterday (Tuesday) and the official release of it is tomorrow, Thursday, both as a web entry and  email newsletter. Putting my mind to the task I got up at 4AM and in 2 1/2 hours was able to pull together the 10 online pages (which is equal to 42 pages as a Word document) of content in the amount of 9,801 words.

Looking Out for Existing Subscribers

I didn’t write all 9,801 words this morning obviously, but got it set for the pre-green-light of its use as a 10 day course available to new subscribers. If you are already a subscriber and would like the content, then email and let me know and I’ll send it right over to you. Also, I’ve decided to release this post today. Please email me in the next week because things get archived.

ArtisticPreneurs – Here’s “How to Get New Customers”

Are You Ready to Walk through the Door?

“How to Get New Customers” can be discussed in various ways. And the term “customer,” depending on which art or business you are in, can be called audience, clients, fans and more. “How to Get New Customers” is the thesis and lifeblood of our now more specific mission. In short, if you solve the problem of “How to Get New Customers” you’ve solved a problem almost all of us have faced or are facing. Yes, you’ve walked through the door. But getting to this place takes work.

A Proactive Step by Step Methodology

Of course one of the most effective ways of getting new customers is through referrals. And in books, articles and TV we are encouraged to tap into (as most of us have heard before) our network, for leads. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to hassle with this and could just use a proactive step by step “methodology” to bring the right customers to you?

New Ideas that Have Impacted Us

Still keeping in our methods the importance of the recognition of those who are making a difference, we’ve started to work on developing packages and programs solutions. These “marketing tools packages” and monthly “website update programs,” keep your promotions alive and engaging for your customers, thereby bringing them to you. This clarification of our direction has caused us to make changes in our mission. Mission:

“The mission of the Club is to use digital marketing arts to help entrepreneurs, artists and educators realize their “American Dream” online. views marketing not just as a science but also as an art form like any other. We have two main websites ( and as well as over 30  others, all of which are a part of The Blogger Coalition. This coalition is a network we manage of bloggers who are either our clients or are a part of our in house projects. We are on the lookout for businesses or artists of any kind, who are committed to making a difference in their life and work. We help you with low cost packages and programs, Our four consecutive upward staircase packages are customized to you and your needs and include effective online marketing tools that in turn are refreshed regularly through four coinciding website update programs. These packages and programs work together collectively to engage and bring people to you, so that you are then empowered to convert them into customers, clients, audience members and fans etc. Our “online marketing tools packages” that coincide with  our monthly (or even weekly) “website update programs,” both come in  four ascending levels that parallel each other and will fit you regardless of where you’re at, at the moment with your business or career. These four packages and programs are Beginner, Intermediate, Pro and Super Pro!” Additionally we are committed to producing the annual Awards Show (originally called The Platinum PIAs since 2010) . This show occurs both online and off and recognizes our clients or other ArtisticPreneurs, who are making a difference in their American communities. In short, our mission is to help you with Digital Marketing Arts so that in turn you can help others!”

Both Words Work

It’s a tall order to be sure, but we feel up to the challenge. This clarifying shift in our perspective officially started less than a week ago when we created the new website which has in its title everything most businesses and artists want. And we even went to the point of creating an alternative route to getting you to that site if you prefer the word “clients” over “customers.” The different route is to use the alternative web domain which is (leave out the “www” at the front and it will “forward” to the new site).

This Week’s Marketing Tip

The website barely has any content on it but its title alone and the fact that it now exists pushed us to take the step in evolving our mission. This is where this week’s web marketing tip comes from. The suggestion being that if you have a new idea regarding your marketing that you jump right into it. Also, regardless of what kind of business owner or artist you are, don’t be afraid to have a mission that can bring you FOCUS. For example, even if we don’t build into a full fledged website content-wise, it still has been the impetus we needed to refine our purpose. And with our mission giving us focus, we can serve you better! Isn’t it time you walked through the door?!

4th of July Mind Trick

Something to THINK about!

On a Special Day

Hi everyone. It’s four days after the 4th of July, the special day celebrating our declaration of independence! It was hard to compete with the fireworks so we’re sending this email a little bit later. Though, those subscribed to our newsletter got much of the content in this blog post in their in box on the 4th. Repetition and consistency mean something. In this edition we’re going to take a look at a certain kind of mind trick you can use to get ahead in life including your business or your artistic career.

Accidental Luck

Years ago, I had a brief but profitable foray into the world of being a real estate agent. Our landlord at the time had a few NYC apartments he wanted to rent so for some reason out of the blue he offered me the job even though I didn’t ask for it nor had we every spoken about rentals. I filled all the apartments with great tenants within days! This prompted him to give me more apartments to fill.

The Secret

How did I do it? Much the same approach my brother used years later for his website. The approach was to make the prospect work for the prize. I put an ad on a real estate website and for every inquiry I got I responded with letting them know the response was overwhelming and did they want to be placed on the list?

Generating Buzz

What resulted was a feeding frenzy of folks contacting me, trying to convince me I should choose them even before they saw the apartments!

From Real Estate back into the Arts

A few months later we moved out of our apartment, changed landlords and I decided to end my real estate career because it was getting in the way of my real passion and pursuit which is digital marketing arts.

Something to At Least be Aware of

What’s the takeaway? What’s the promotional lesson here?  One of the secrets of success and a good marketing tip is, don’t make it too easy for your prospects. Make them work at it in order to work with you.

In a Figurative Sense

Start a list of possible clients and make all prospects be on a list. I don’t mean literally do this of course, but in a figurative sense make them jump over walls and through hoops. The psychology of humans is weird!

P.S. This is not a one size fits all approach. Some people are very nice, and you don’t have to resort to tactics to work with them. Trust your intuition.

Magically yours and hope you had a great 4th!