Autopilot PR

My Brother and Fellow Marketer My brother lives 3,000 miles away in the scientifically proven EXACT center of California. He on the West Coast and I in NYC, both basically do the same thing for a living which is websites and internet marketing. Automated Promotions And my brother’s running joke is that he speaks about […]

Marketing for Introvert Artists

Hello. You. Yes you, the artist introvert living in Manhattan, NY or anywhere in the USA for that matter. Have you ever found yourself faced with the need to promote something but were not quite sure of the best possible approach? What do you do? First, let’s look at what is going to be most […]

Create Your Action Plan

Planning for Action Your action plan is your most important document to create for your solopreneur venture, small business, or artistic career of any kind (including visual, performing etc.). Reinvent Yourself As an entrepreneur over the years, due to technological changes, I’ve had to reinvent my businesses several times. Elements like technology can impact your […]

What’s Up with the Big Apple Awards?

Feedback So we’ve been getting feedback that folks are confused by the Big Apple Awards post. In that post we mention that it looks like the new name for The Platinum PIAs Awards (annually since 2010) is going to be “The Big Apple Awards.” But the part that causes some people to get riled up […]