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The eBook Concept

The free eBook concept is that the user, due to the desire to know the secrets that it reveals, has the incentive to sign up for your newsletter because she/he wants the information.

The Freemium Approach

It may seem odd to give someone something for free in the hopes that they will later purchase something from you. It is actually a classic approach of sales known as the “Freemium” model in which someone is given something FREE that leads them to buy something PREMIUM, therefore the combination of the two is “freemian.”

Marketing Incentive?

The strategy is based on the principle if I do something for you, you do something for me. Though, it doesn’t always work. Just because you are giving your potential customer a freebie, it doesn’t mean that she or he will then purchase something.

A Great Big Secret

The way to be most successful with this method is to first gain the trust of your prospect and the only way to do this in your sequence is to reveal useful information along the way. This is so that when it comes to purchase you can offer your prospect a paid eBook product that does something that your free eBook doesn’t. In other words your premium product must reveal a great big secret.

A Successful Technique

Success that we’ve had with this technique is that the free eBook we use explores just one aspect of the information that our future customers want. We then let them know to get the complete big picture purchase is needed. Not only have we experimented with this idea but we are currently using it. More specifically we are going to offer you a free eBook about how to get customers to buy from you!

You are There

This is then followed by us next offering you a longer eBook that not only reveals a basic principle but also shows you step by step the big picture of getting folks to buy. In fact, we are using this technique on you right now as you read this! There is much, much, much more where this came from! Subscribe and get your free eBook now! Or check out the free and premium tools that USAcreate.com makes available.