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USA Create: Understanding and Empowering Your Audience


The “USA Create” ethos embodies the spirit of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial drive present in every corner of the United States. For entrepreneurs under this banner, the key to successful innovation lies in understanding your audience. This article delves into the process of audience comprehension and its importance in USA Create’s broader entrepreneurial narrative.

Identifying the Audience

Every business journey starts with identifying who your audience is. Are they young professionals, seniors, parents, or small businesses? Understanding your audience’s demographics is the preliminary step in the USA Create approach. It provides a basic framework for who you’re aiming to serve and lays the foundation for deeper understanding.

Understanding Audience Needs

The next step in the USA Create process is understanding your audience’s needs. These are the problems or gaps your audience faces that your product or service aims to fill. Be it software that simplifies workflow, an eco-friendly product, or a service that fills a community need – understanding this is paramount to creating a solution that resonates with your audience.

Unearthing the Pain Points

An integral part of understanding your audience in the USA Create journey is identifying their pain points. These are specific problems that your audience members are conscious of, and they’re often the factors that motivate the search for a solution. Recognizing these pain points allows you to align your business goals with the direct needs of your audience.

Researching Preferences

Audience preferences play a critical role in shaping your product or service. In line with the USA Create ethos, it is essential to identify what your audience prefers in terms of design, usability, price point, and more. Understanding these preferences can help ensure that your solution is not just effective, but also appealing to your audience.

Looking for Solutions

In the spirit of USA Create, entrepreneurs should also identify the types of solutions their audience is seeking. Are they looking for convenience, efficiency, affordability, or novelty? Understanding this can help you create a product or service that not only solves a problem but also aligns with the expectations of your audience.

Employing Tools for Research

USA Create encourages the use of various tools to gather audience insights. Surveys, focus groups, social media analytics, and direct customer feedback can all provide valuable information about your audience’s needs, preferences, and desired solutions.

Interpreting Data

In the journey of USA Create, the collected data needs to be accurately interpreted to glean valuable insights. Looking for trends, common themes, and repeated concerns can help you understand your audience at a deeper level and make informed decisions about your product or service.

Continued Learning

Understanding your audience isn’t a one-time task. It’s a continuous process, as audience needs and preferences can change over time. The USA Create philosophy encourages a consistent commitment to learning more about your audience, adapting to their evolving needs, and refining your product or service accordingly.

Building Connections

In the USA Create narrative, entrepreneurs are not just problem solvers, but also community builders. Understanding your audience goes beyond identifying their needs—it involves building connections, fostering trust, and establishing a long-term relationship. This process is invaluable in creating a loyal customer base and ensuring the sustainability of your business.


In the end, understanding your audience is a critical chapter in the USA Create entrepreneurial story. It allows you to create products or services that truly resonate with your audience, fostering a successful and sustainable business. As creators, we are not just building products or services, but also communities and relationships, and understanding our audience is the first step in that journey.

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USA Create: How to Use the USA Create Methodology to Develop an AI Company Campaign Strategy

USA Create Methodology with the Help of the “Ask AI Guy”

The USA Create Methodology is a powerful tool that can guide AI companies in developing effective campaign strategies. This approach, focusing on understanding, strategizing, and actioning, is particularly suited to the AI industry, where the need for clear communication, forward-thinking strategies, and effective execution is paramount. And it doesn’t hurt that looking over the shoulder is none other than the “Ask AI Guy” who was born around two months ago on April 1, 2023. He is part AI and part human. His human side is a former magician, filmmaker and marketer.

Understanding, the first pillar of the USA Create Methodology, is crucial when it comes to AI. AI is a complex field, and a comprehensive understanding of the technology, the market landscape, and the target audience is essential. AI companies must grasp their product’s unique selling points, the problem it solves, and its potential applications. Furthermore, understanding the audience’s needs, preferences, and potential obstacles they might face when using the AI product is key to creating a tailored marketing campaign. You can either DIY (Do it Yourself) based on the latest “Ask AI Guy” daily book, or DFY (Done for You) per Marketing Services AI.

The second step, strategizing, involves turning the understanding gained into a concrete plan. A good strategy takes into account the current market position, the competition, the product, and the audience. It sets clear objectives, devises a distinctive brand message, and outlines the tactics to be used to reach the target audience effectively. For an AI company, the strategy could include educational content, use case demonstrations, thought leader partnerships, and customer testimonials to build trust and highlight the AI product’s benefits.

Actioning, the final step, involves executing the strategy, monitoring progress, and adjusting as necessary. It includes the creation and distribution of content, managing customer interactions, and analyzing the effectiveness of different campaign elements. In the context of an AI company, actioning might involve launching a blog series about AI trends, hosting webinars demonstrating the product, or running targeted ads on social media.

A key aspect of the USA Create Methodology is its cyclic nature. Once the initial campaign has been actioned, the results should feed back into the understanding phase. This iterative process ensures that the campaign strategy evolves with the market, audience preferences, and advancements in AI technology. By continually learning and adjusting, AI companies can ensure that their campaigns remain relevant and effective. And the Be Good AI group is in their corner as well.

The USA Create Methodology can be particularly beneficial in addressing the unique challenges that AI companies face in marketing their products. The complexity of AI technology can make it difficult for potential customers to understand its value. By following this methodology, AI companies can ensure that they effectively communicate their product’s benefits and demystify AI for their audience.

Additionally, the fast-paced nature of the AI industry means that companies need to stay ahead of the curve. The USA Create Methodology, with its focus on continuous learning and strategy evolution, ensures that companies are well-positioned to adapt to changes in technology and market trends.

The methodology also encourages companies to think about their audience’s needs and preferences, an important consideration for AI companies. By understanding the target audience, companies can tailor their messaging and campaign tactics to better engage with their customers and meet their specific needs.

When it comes to actioning, the USA Create Methodology emphasizes the need for careful monitoring and adjustment. This focus on analysis and refinement can help AI companies optimize their campaign strategies, ensuring that they achieve the best possible results.

In conclusion, the USA Create Methodology provides a comprehensive framework for AI companies to develop effective campaign strategies. By focusing on understanding, strategizing, and actioning, AI companies can effectively communicate their product’s benefits, stay ahead of industry trends, and engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

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How to Go from USA Divided to USA Unified?

The phrase “USA, Create!” took the nation by storm in a way no one could have expected. It wasn’t just a slogan, it became a movement, a rallying cry for the country to tap into its unending potential and, well, create. It started with a whisper, a muffled sound in a crowded room, “USA, Create a business!” And then, it swelled into a resounding chorus, “USA, Create art!” And finally, it turned into a deafening roar, “USA, Create your dream!” A fun, emotional, and very exciting journey was about to unfold, transforming the USA from a divided nation into a unified masterpiece. And the great thing was that because of sites like “Ask AI Guy” there were plans available having to do with AI Marketing, that meant publicity and promotion was not a problem as long as approaches like AI Get Clients Online were within reach.

The nation responded enthusiastically to this call to arms. Businesses sprang up, filling the country with fresh entrepreneurial spirit. Joe from Idaho started a potato-themed amusement park, because, why not? Meanwhile, Mary from Maine ventured into the world of seaweed fashion accessories. No idea was too eccentric, too big, or too small. This business boom, not only tickled our funny bones but also revived towns and cities, proving that laughter truly is the best economic stimulus.

Art was another area that saw a massive surge in creativity. Statues began popping up in the most unexpected places. In Nebraska, a 30-foot statue of a corn cob came to life overnight. In the heart of New York City, a giant pretzel sculpture twisted its way into the hearts of the locals. The nation was turning into a vibrant canvas, a sprawling, colorful testament to the creative spirit.

However, the most profound creation was yet to come. It was born not out of individual ambition, but out of the collective realization that we were all in this together. The “USA, Create!” movement had started as a call to individual creation but had inadvertently become a call to collective unity. The nation began to acknowledge the simple, yet powerful truth: we are all human.

This shift was felt everywhere. Conversations over backyard fences turned from heated debates to understanding exchanges. People began to listen, not just to respond, but to understand. Dinner tables turned into forums where ideas were shared and appreciated, not shot down. It was as if the country was slowly but surely knitting itself back together.

The movement towards a “USA, Unified” picked up momentum. Divisions began to blur as shared dreams and common goals took center stage. The neighborhood bake-offs became about more than just the best blueberry pie; they became an emblem of unity and togetherness. The annual town parades no longer represented individual towns, but a united nation.

Even politics, the arena notorious for dividing people, began to reflect this shift. Politicians on both sides of the aisle started to focus on collaboration rather than competition. Policies were created with the goal of benefiting the nation as a whole, not just a select few. The State of the Union address turned into an annual celebration of unity and progress.

As the country moved from “USA, Divided” to “USA, Unified,” it wasn’t just a slogan change; it was a cultural revolution. It wasn’t always smooth, and it wasn’t always easy, but it was, without a doubt, the most exciting, emotional, and fun transformation felt in the U.S. ever. If only any of was true. We do have the personal power to make it happen. Maybe someday a future like this will be more in reach. We’ll see. It is up to us really.

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USA Create Can Also Be Used as a Sales Process

Not a Good Idea to Have Expectations if Your Relationship is Not Based in Helping

In the American Dream One Gives of Themselves and Gets Too

But to give is first and foremost…

By presenting additional solutions that can help them achieve their own version of the American Dream, you’re appealing to their emotions and aspirations, which can be a powerful motivator for making a purchase. Think of successful American businesses like Disney. A dream realized based on spreading dreams. It’s important to identify what makes your business unique and emphasize how it can help your customers realize their own dreams and goals.

Giving is Its Own Reward, for Real!

“The USA Create Creating” has to do with leveraging the innate interest by so many in the concept of the USA, or more specifically the American Dream. This “dream” can be accessed by creating a feeling that your business is helping customers achieve their dreams, and having the presence of that concept and feeling assists in things in business such as upselling products and service. Close the sale!

Even in these current times of a USA Divided instead of a USA Unified, there is still a large market for the belief in the American Dream.

First you must identify the customer’s dream The first step in using the American Dream to upsell your products or services is to identify the customer’s dream. This means understanding what they are hoping to achieve and what they see as success in their business or personal life.

You Can Help to Connect Together their Vision as a Facilitator!

It’s important to listen to the customer and ask questions to understand what their dream looks like. Connect the customer’s dream to the American Dream Once you have identified the customer’s dream, it’s time to connect it to the American Dream.  This means showing the customer how your product or service can help them achieve the American Dream of success and prosperity. But do this in a unique manner, like a Thrillumentary!

Language and How You Describe What You are Getting from them is Vital

You can use language and imagery that invokes the American Dream, such as “achieving success in the land of opportunity” or “building a better future for you and your family.” Highlight the unique aspects of your business that align with the American Dream Next, you’ll want to highlight the unique aspects of your business that align with the American Dream.

We All Want to Live the American Dream Even if We Think We Do NOT!

This could be something like a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship or a dedication to innovation and forward-thinking. Whatever it is that makes your business special, make sure you connect it to the American Dream in a way that resonates with the customer. Show the customer how your product or service can help them achieve their dream.

You Assist with Achieving

Once you have connected the customer’s dream to the American Dream and highlighted the unique aspects of the business, it’s time to show the customer how your product or service can help them achieve their dream.

You Have the Solution

Be specific and give examples of how your product or service has helped others achieve similar goals. This will make it easier for the customer to see how your product or service can help them achieve their own dream.

“Upsell” is not a Four Letter Word (It Has Six)

Offer additional solutions that can help the customer achieve their dream even further Finally, offer additional solutions that can help the customer achieve their dream even further. This is where the upsell comes in.

Free to Be

You can offer additional products or services that complement what the customer is already purchasing and help them achieve their dream even more effectively.

Supply Data

Be sure to explain how these additional solutions will help the customer achieve their dream and offer examples of how they have helped others in the past.

Dreams are for Dreaming

In conclusion, the American Dream can be a powerful tool for upselling your products or services.

Bring it All Together

By identifying the customer’s dream, connecting it to the American Dream, highlighting the unique aspects of your business, showing the customer how your product or service can help them achieve their dream.

A Solution is Only as Good as it Solves

And offering additional solutions that can help them achieve their dream even further, you can create a powerful emotional connection with your customers and help them achieve their own version of the American Dream.

A Closer Look

“USA Create” Joins “NYC Create” to “Take a Closer Look at Social Media”

When We Signed Up for Social Media and Other Accounts Some of Us Truly Thought We thought We Were Rebels Getting over on “The Man” By Writing a Made Up Name and Putting in Our Wrong Age and So On”

The tech geniuses who came up with this fresh kind of data collecting knew that some of us would give bogus info when signing up, which was taken into account as a part their master. They already had their bases covered. And of course there were millions and millions of people to whom it never crossed their minds that maybe it was not such a great idea to give their private information. They would just give out their real demographic details. Their legal name was out there on social media so they could show, and even spruce up their lifestyle, for the camera. They would document anything that that they thought was status building. Kind of like the concept of “Keeping up with the Jones’.”

You and I Know Who Has the Last Laugh Daily

Those of us who tried to to buck the system with not entirely true info so we would not be victims, were not even close to fooling the data collectors. We were just a part of their data building process and they had lots of other ways to get all the data they needed about us. We were way out of our league, and were pawns just like everybody else in this twisted American Dream gone wrong. The data collectors, which was really what big search and social companies are, were not even slightly worried about how some consumers would try to buck the system. Those harvesting our info, quietly kept moving forward, effortlessly with getting more and more effective of tapping into our wants, needs and desires so they could in turn bring in billions and billions of dollars from advertisers and other means. When you really think about it, it is quite bold getting us to pay for things like phones and electronic equipment that was really a part of their being able to spy on us. Pretty impressive on the part of big corps getting us to pay them for equipment so they could listen in on us and track how we did things, to get better and better at their job of understanding what makes us tick. And payday resulted in higher and higher numbers.

Data, Data and More Data

When you use your phones your conversations became more data for them. When you use their email capabilities, your personal correspondences become more data for them. How about those free graphics tools letting you create things and interact with others. Yes, still more data for them. Or that thing have in your home that obeys your commands for turning the lights on and off. When you command it to do something, guess what, it is recording your voice for still more data. But it does not end there, they use that device to record everything you say in your home. Your private conversations become even more data for them. And on and on and on.

And the Really Sad Part is We Know We are Giving Up on Any Privacy when We Click “Yes” for Terms of Service, But We Do it Anyway

All we know is that if we refuse to click “Yes” do so we won’t get that “free” (?!) email address. Plus we tell each other it is okay. Lots of people click “yes.” But when you agree with terms of service and any other agreements, you are giving them the right to spy on you, learn everything that makes you who you are, both public and “private.” Because the more they know about you, the better precision focused they can be when selling ads. And those who pay for those ads want accuracy in terms of they desire to reach.

We are Bought and Sold Daily, 24/7, Even in Our Sleep

You are a commodity that is bought and paid for without you knowing it. For what? Being able to show vacation pictures to your friends? To be cooler than your neighbor because your lifestyle is better than theirs (at least digitally)? And even knowing all that, we click “yes” because we are in denial. We do it for a variety of different reasons, but it is all the same result in the end. We sell our valuable identity and personal information, in exchange for what? And yet even knowing this is happening, we do it anyway. Again and Again. “How bad can it really be” we think to our selves? Everybody’s doing it. Right? There are worse things in life…?

This is a two part post, and if you are interested in reading the portion of this article that comes prior to the section you just looked at, feel free to go to “NYC Create to see it.


Yianni Stamas on the Topic of How You, a Startup Introvert, Can Now Have Access to Introvert Business Strategies Created Just for You

Less Pain and More Gain for Startup Introverts in Business!

Less pain and more gain are certainly good goals for you, the Startup Introvert. The process of creating digital products and then promoting and selling them just gets easier and easier. This is done by studying release materials created by a mystery person named “Startup Introvert,” who is not only the first to use the moniker “Startup Introvert,” but has also paved the way so that in a business world of aggressive extraverts, introverts can succeed. They are able to do so using introvert strategies, each with its own purpose and outcome.

Branding Secrets with Options Specially Developed for Startup Introverts ONLY!

It is quite amazing how quickly Startup Introvert was able to pull together the first short strategy that contained some branding “secrets” for those who are frequently quiet. Right off the top, Startup Introvert prepared a 15-step program for the milder and soft-spoken group in the business world. I have heard, the plan is to make the current strategy available to Startup Introverts. This done so they can become even more successful.

This One Simple Thing Makes a Major Difference in Your Success as a Startup Introvert!

We have been told that the 15-step strategy will soon be available to Startup Introverts who qualify to receive it. As we understand it, if you are a business owner, or individual wishing to start a business, plus have experienced “today’s challenges,” then you might be the first inline to become a “Beta Tester.” In other words, if you faced walls with your company including Covid, inflation, supply chain issues and other problems, you might qualify as a Startup Introvert to get help to compete in a country of extraverts!

Free Yourself

How Three Blogs with USA in their Names are Coming Together to Help Stop Division in America

USA Create says that it is time to Unite America with Communication Tools

USA Create is taking seriously the bringing together of the USA by inviting other USA blogs into the cause. In this instance the cause is unification and not being so divided into “us and them.” A good way to start to do this, if you have not already, is to watch the two competing channels with each “side” complaining about the other. Literally. Chanel One says yada yada yada of what it wrong with Channel Two. And the content of programing for Channel Two is, you guessed it: yada yada yada of what is wrong with Channel One.

Consumed by Fascination

First off, the bad news is that both Channels are in the business of spreading negativity. But the worst thing of all is that it is working for them?! Yes. It is the old car crash analogy where you become consumed by a fascination about what is a bad thing, likely something that is hitting family and friends hard.

A Healthier Outlook

So, what is the solution? The solution is that each and all of us look outward and inward, seeking out a way that we can make a difference in a positive way. The goal would be to create your own personal and unique solution to the problem of the separation of a nation. It does not have to be a big thing. It can be a very little thing. But taking even teensy tiny steps, collectively can make massive change to a healthier outlook on things. Or even just thinking about the problem can lead to taking action every once in a while. Helping another person can help you. It’s all good.

Which of 3?

Earlier mentioned was that that other USA blogs are joining the revolution. These include USA Go Digital and USA Online Business. When we all jump in, we can become the three musketeers or the three stooges or both! Both of course because we want to help getting communication going better.

The 3 USAs

So USA Create, USA Go Digital and USA Online Business have united to get better communication tools for each “side” to talk to each other or at least communicate via tools like online marketing.

Less Cost if it Was Possible Could Add More Time to Do Good Deeds?

Online Marketing and Digital Marketing (the parent of the two) are being mobilized by “The Three USAs. The three sites are focus on solving one problem at a time, or possibly a single problem all of the time. These blogs reveal in posts the idea that it is possible to do Digital Marketing without the big price tag and instead at low or no cost.

Problem to Solution

If someone was going to write an eBook about the topic it might look something like this “How to Use Digital Marketing Alternatives Resulting for Low or No Cost in the USA!” So clearly, the key to unlock this door it to do digital marketing alternatives that are priced as inexpensive or even free. How is this PROBLEM turned into a SOLUTION?

Reality is Not Reality

My Early 1990’s “Pioneering” Public Access “Reality” Show and What Happened with MTV, True Story!

MTV Pre “The Real World

MTV had not yet started its series “The Real World.” And initially when I began my vlog in 1990 I had in the back of my mind that it would be great to get MTV involved. In a certain sense, although very indirectly, MTV did start a series that did involve an access of my program. More on that to come.

Dub is a Flub

SaaS (Software as a Service) has been around for a while and the possibilities are endless. I have been thinking about the ’90’s this morning because I started watching a limited series last night on a popular streaming video platform. It is about the true and original innovators of a particular concept that involved being able to, in a manner of speaking, travel around the world from your computer. I only just started viewing, but I must like it, because its format is one I do not enjoy viewing. I but you know I am interested because I generally do not watch anything that is dubbed.

The Same Five

I avoid things with voices that are changed from one language to another. This is primarily because it seems like the same five voice actors do all the movies. and series. And for me there is nothing worse when it comes to viewing, than gazing at a screen that features characters whose voices are are the exact same ones that I heard while an entirely different motion picture. Thankfully the series I just started watching seems to have a much better match, with voices that appear to match the person speaking onscreen.

Memories of a Different Time and Space

In the bit of the show that I have seen, reminds me of the hope I had in the 1990s for an era in which art meets computers. Starting in 1990 and running through until 1995, I did an experimental public access show in which I documented my search for the computer/art connection.

Have Camera, Will Babble

I was obsessed and had a system that I used to film/edit/broadcast a new episode weekly. This was before reality television and I looked upon it as being a kind of diary. And what started out as a focus on uncovering how to use computers in a creative way, evolved into my leading of a life in which I taped everything that happened to me.

On and Off Living

It was my real life, or at least as real as is possible when you are taping yourself (this was way before selfies) and the people you are interacting with know you are recording them also. life. At that point in time I did not censor myself much, thereby documenting as much as possible every aspect of my NYC life in my Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. It was as if when the camera was off, my life was on hold. Turn it back on and reality has returned.

Mom and Dad Were Both on my Program but Really Were Not

I have to admit, for the first five of the ten years I would have a cable show, I began to take artistic license. For example, I wanted to do an episode with my parents to show the unstable nature of my childhood. But not only would my parents not have done my show, they lived three thousand miles away in California, one in the mountains and another near SF. So what did I do? I cast the father of a friend (who was a therapist) and an actress I knew. Both “mom” and “dad” looked to be around 60s that at the time worked.

A Sign that MTV is Not Far Away

This was before social media so I would have viewers leave voicemail messages, some of which I would select to be on a next episode. Reponses to the “parents” show went through the roof. Everyone thought that the performers were my actual Madre and Padre. And there was a lot of unstable parenting revealed which viewers seemed to like a lot. In fact, a television production company contacted me to come to their office around the street from where I lived in Manhattan. But when I sat down with them and told them that I did not share any genes with my TV parents, they were very disappointed. Regardless, I took it as a sign that MTV was not far away.

The Public Access Show Does Not Fall Far From the Tree

The parents episode did so well I decided to play around with having a son, one that I did not know I had fathered as a result of a prior relationship of mine. The actress I cast as my ex girlfriend I didn’t know about from a past relationship. The actress playing my ex girlfriend was someone I had worked with when directing a play I wrote that was done in a popular 99 seat theater downtown. Finding someone to play my son was not as easy. But I then decided to cast a kid I knew who had his own public access show too, and had confessed to me that he watched my program and used certain ideas he had gotten from it. I grew to like that concept because it meant dad has a public access TV show and son has one too. The “dad finds out he had a son” episode was a hit as well. And again viewers thought it was real and that the young public access TV host was really my offspring.

MTV? Yes. MTV as I Expected? No.

Before I tell you what happened, I want to first set the stage using a quote from a friend of mine who has been on several reality shows years. He said something along the lines of “The only reality of reality shows is that they are not reality.” Okay, so, keeping in mind the thing my friend said, imagine if you will what happened a few short months after finding out I was I was the father of a “son.” His show, which he admitted borrowing from mine, was, get this PICKED UP BY MTV! I kid (pun intended) you not. True story! It only ran for a season though. And years later I saw the young actor who was now probably in his 30s and was prematurely balding. He was an interview show and was ranting that he had gotten the big opportunity of being an a national channel but had not been able to parlay it into anything. The apple does not fall…

Free Yourself

You Have Permission


People ask us “What does “USA Create” mean?” I guess it is kind of like a mantra to America in which we affirm that everyone in the country can create whatever they want to create. Feeling that you can create can be a strong motivator to draw upon and potentially leads to innovation in the marketplace.

First Steps

It is sometimes not easy to take those first few steps. There are ways that our minds can occasionally get in the way of our moving toward doing something that can be for the good of all. There is a manner of thinking negative thoughts that can contribute to minimizing our abilities.

Getting Over

How to Get Over the Walls “Walls” is a metaphor that has been used again and again. Its utilization can be tiresome. But thinking of walls as something to be broken can still be useful. For example, you could think in terms of walls as an analogy for suppression of you achieving what you know you can achieve but are not doing so for some reason. Once you consciously utterly understand what this wall consists of, you can then actually find it and knock it down. But do not forget that you can still be afraid in your heart while simultaneously getting rid of what keeps you from doing what you want to do such as pursuing an entrepreneurial project.


Customer Retention and Software Solutions

Retain Your Customers

One of the most important questions to ask is what strategy will you use to get in front of your future customer and make what you are presenting to them impossible to resist? But before you go offering your web wares, ask yourself how you will maintain a high amount of perceived value for your products and services so that once they sign up for your monthly or even annual business, you will be able to retain them What does your product and service do for them? Why do they need what you are selling on an ongoing basis? What is your value-based structure?

Maintain Perceived Value

One possibility is to have various levels that you offer, each one increasing in terms of perceived value, with a higher price tag as well. And make certain to find an online system of how delivery will be made each month and how you will bill them for it. Ideally you want this to be a totally digitally based process and one that is automated. As your customer is enjoying that month’s focus you will then be putting together next one. You need to constantly make them aware of what great things you are doing for them with each new offering.

Keep Your Customers

You want your customer experience to be as seamless as possible making them aware of the ever-increasing benefits to help with keeping them using your digital products or services. Being able to retain those who purchase from you while simultaneously continually bringing in new ones is the lifeblood of what you do. You do not want them to go in and out, you want them to come in and stay.

Software Solutions

The competition, in terms of subscription-based businesses, is harsh. Therefore, you must be clear on what you offer and why it is ideal for your clients. And although there are a lot of moving parts, you want it to be as easy as possible for users to use your system while you promote your differentiation in the marketplace. Thankfully, there are a lot of online solutions to help you to find customers, then bring them onboard followed by billing them and keeping them from leaving. These solutions include search engine advertising purchases and billing systems.